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UFO Phenomena / The 'Maybe' Mindset

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In the first half, Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter Paola Harris discussed UFO/UAP phenomena and disclosure, as well as many of the legendary UFO researchers and contactees she has interviewed and befriended over the years. She spoke about the 1945 Trinity UFO crash case (which she and Jacques Vallee wrote a book about) and noted that some new information has become available, along with renewed interest in that time period associated with the movie "Oppenheimer," and how alien contact has sometimes been associated with humankind's use of nuclear weapons.

Regarding the recent whistleblowers coming forward about UFOs, she commented that it's a bit of a distraction since whistleblower testimony from the likes of Col. Philip Corso, Clifford Stone, and the witnesses that Steven Greer set up in a Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has been out there for many years now. Harris recalled her conversations with the late Paul Hellyer, the former defense minister of Canada, and how he believed that recovered technology from UFO crashes could be used to solve various world problems related to ecology, medicine, and hunger. She mentioned her trip to the Andes in Peru to study the fascinating contactee case of Ricardo Gonzalez, who said he met time-traveling space aliens who warned of an impending earthquake in the mountains (that ended up occurring). Harris also announced one of her latest projects-- a special youth conference on UFOs for kids aged 13-18 in Longmont, CO, in June.


Author, podcaster, and attorney Allison Carmen battled with being a "certainty addict" and suffered the pull of despair and hopelessness that uncertainty can bring. In the latter half, she revealed how embracing the 'maybe' mindset liberates us to live in the present moment and nurture hope and possibility even in challenging circumstances. She shared her personal struggle with uncertainty and fear of the unknown, which led to anxiety and stress in her life and career. Despite efforts to control the outer world, she came to the realization that the secret to happiness and inner peace was in accepting not knowing what would happen next-- where all possibilities are open.

She views stress as resisting whatever is happening in the moment, and anxiety as resisting the future. One can use the 'maybe' technique if they have a negative thought about their future, such as, 'I'm never going to have enough money.' You simply tell yourself, "Maybe that's not true." And suddenly, your stress and worry calms down, and you can be in the present moment, she said. "If you want your life to change, it has to happen in the unknown," as uncertainty can be freeing and open to many outcomes. "It's just kind of allowing yourself to look at everything. You can look at a bird in the sky, or you could look at the whole sky," she added.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Sandra Champlain


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