Alien Hybrids & Star Children

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In 1989, Dr. Richard Boylan says that individuals began coming to him with stories of “star people,” He discussed how he detects non-human genes in what he claims are alien-human hybrid beings. Boylan also mentioned that aliens may be trying to breed violence and other negative human aspects out of us, and that these hybrids will begin to change world governments and other institutions to achieve this.

"Many years of continuing Star Visitor biological engineering…have resulted in children whose heads are now often so big that a Caesarian section, or at least an episiotomy, is the only way they can be born," he writes. A common characteristic Boylan assigns to Star Kids, is that they often cause a street lamp to go out when they walk by, due to their amped-up bioelectric fields. The children also can display a variety of unusual psychic skills that include making the self "invisible," mental influencing, time dilation or contraction, and pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters, he lists in his article 42 Signs That a Child May Be a Star Kid.

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