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Date Host Art Bell

Ahead of the release of the "Alien Autopsy" film, for this all-Open Lines show, Art asks any aliens listening to the program to call in. The first caller has answers for everything. This alien has a liberal bias about how crime exploded on his planet before they became more conservative. He’s on Earth for a mission to collect artifacts. Another caller discusses how he is able to impact himself into tiny caplets. He says he lives about 3000 miles down into the Earth. An 11-year-old gets through talking about how he is half human and half alien. He sees ghosts and auras.

Most of the aliens discuss how the human race is doing a terrible job. One alien reveals how his solar system has just two planets but they are at war with each other. Art reads a fax from an alien in hour 3. He says like all humans, he was born on another planet.

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