'Dates from Hell' Hotline

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Date Host Art Bell

In this special Open Lines show, Art devotes a hotline for "dates from hell." One man calls up about a blind date he had with a woman with three fingers. Art confronts the fact that he has never been called cute after a man says he’s been emotionally scarred for being cute his whole life and a young woman points out that a date from hell isn’t nearly as bad as a relationship from hell. A former centerfold model in hour 5 shares her "date from hell" story where a man takes her to his hotel room to “show her something.” Art has to discontinue the call after she begins describing the horror she saw.

Other topics were also included. A caller expressed concern that the space station is storing human DNA. A man calls up from the “Center for Cult Awareness” and is upset because Art is preparing people for the year 2000 and giving out secret numbers. He tells Art that the broadcast is being monitored – Art does not care. The Y2K scare was in full-force.

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