Y2K Warning

Y2K Warning


HostArt Bell

Nine months before the end of 1999, economist and Y2K expert Gary North joined Art. North shared that he had interviewed computer programmers who said the code they wrote for infrastructure would not survive Y2K. He read from a press release regarding coin or currency rationing. Many listeners wrote and phoned in, saying that such claims were alarmist.

North talked about some techniques to prepare to save food and supplies and used the example of the Mormons, who do this as a matter of course. One caller thanked North profusely. North urged people to buy non-hybrid seeds to grow their own food in case of shortages. One man said he called the Y2K specialist from the Nevada Power Company and reported on their attitude that nothing would happen.

Guest in the first hour, Jesse Marcel, Jr., described seeing the debris from the Roswell crash when his dad brought it home to show him and his mother on the night of July 7, 1947, when he was ten years old.