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Video: 'Conjuring' House Put Up for Salepicture

Video: 'Conjuring' House Put Up for Sale

A Rhode Island farmhouse that was the site of a now-legendary haunting that inspired the hit film The Conjuring has reportedly gone on the market for $1.2 million.

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'Most Haunted Village in England' Plagued by Littering Ghost Hunters

The proprietors of a patch of forest said to be located within the 'most haunted village in England' say that they are battling a problem more pernicious than sinister spirits: ghost hunters who have been leaving the area strewn with litter.

Ghost Photographed at Former Civil War Hospital in Tennessee?

An eerie photograph circulating online may show an apparition lingering outside a building in Tennessee that once served as a Civil War hospital.

Forgetful Ghost Hunters Accidentally Spark Bomb Scare at British Museum

A group of absent-minded ghost hunters caused a bit of a panic at a museum in Britain after they accidentally left behind a piece of equipment from their paranormal investigation and some suspected that the odd device could have been a bomb.

Haunted House Boasting Nine Ghosts Goes on the Market in...

A residence in upstate New York that is purportedly home to a whopping nine ghosts has gone on the market with a rather weird asking price.

Video: Ghost Rolls Ball Away from Dog?

A visitor to a dog park in England filmed a strange moment wherein a ball that her French Bulldog was chasing took an inexplicably sharp turn and some suspect that the pooch may have encountered a playful spirit.

Video: Ghostly Activity Filmed at Welsh Pub

A curious piece of security camera footage from a pub in Wales shows a chair seemingly moving on its own and the establishment suspects that the site's resident ghost was behind the eerie incident.

Video: Baby Monitor Ghost

Parents Cheryl Scott and her partner Robert in Scotland spotted two anomalous objects on baby monitor footage moving near their infant son as he slept.

Ghost Hunter in Singapore Drowns During Dangerous Response to...

A member of a paranormal investigation group in Singapore tragically drowned while attempting to swim across a river in response to an individual online who questioned his courage.

Watch: Eerie Face Mysteriously Appears Behind Girl Riding Down...

A spooky video from Mexico appears to show a ghostly face suddenly appear behind a little girl as she rides down a slide.

Indian Boy Astounds Village with Remarkable Reincarnation Claim

Residents of a village in India were understandably amazed by the arrival of a boy claiming to be the reincarnation of a teenager who died there eight years ago and the youngster seemingly has the memories to prove it.

Eerie Figure Photographed on the Grounds of Historic Castle in Wales

A man visiting a thirteenth-century castle in Wales snapped a photo of the site which appears to show an eerie figure lurking on the grounds and some suspect that the strange anomaly could be a ghost.

Hangry Ghosts Put Taiwan on Edge Again This Year

The next time a famished friend gets irritable with you, just remember: it could be much worse.

Lizzie Borden House Hiring Ghost Hunter

The new owners of the Lizzie Borden House are looking to hire a genuine ghost hunter to lead nightly paranormal investigations at the infamous residence.

Watch: Senior Citizen in Singapore Unfazed by 'Haunted'...

A peculiar video out of Singapore shows a piece of exercise equipment seemingly moving on its own and, although she concedes it could be caused by a ghost, an elderly woman watching the weirdness unfold is unfazed by the potential spirit in her midst.

Video: Woman Injured During Ghost Hunt in Buffalo Reflects on...

A ghost hunter who was badly injured when she plunged through the roof of a train station in Buffalo has broken her silence about the frightening fall in the hopes that sharing her story will prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

Watch: Ghost Attacks Man at Gym?

A strange video circulating online appears to show a man being violently attacked by an unseen force, that some suspect is a ghost, during a visit to the gym.

Video: Cops in Florida Want Ghost Hunters to Stop Breaking...

Authorities in a Florida city are asking aspiring ghost hunters to stop breaking into a historic hotel that, they say, is not actually haunted.

'Enchanted Dolls' Fail to Prevent Namibian Criminals from...

Confirming the old adage that there is no honor among thieves, authorities in Namibia say that witch doctors in the country have been selling 'enchanted dolls' to criminals with the false promise that the objects will prevent them from being arrested.

Watch: Colombian Mayor Shares Video of Ghost Attacking Security Guard

The mayor of a city in Colombia left his constituents scratching their heads when he shared a video of what he claims is a ghost attacking a security guard.

Watch: 'Ghost Pants' Caught on Film?

A truly bizarre piece of footage circulating online appears to show a pair of pants running down a sidewalk seemingly without anyone wearing them!

Video: Ghost Hunter Injured in Fall Through Roof of Buffalo...

A ghost hunt in Buffalo took a terrifying turn this past weekend when a woman was badly injured after falling through the roof of a train station and plummeting to the ground.

La Llorona Spotted Along Road in Texas?

A series of ghost sightings along a road in Texas has led some to wonder if the spirit seen by witnesses could be the legendary ghost known as 'Lla Llorona'.

Video: Famed 'Haunted Ship' Queen Mary Faces Uncertain Future

Officials in California are reportedly debating the future of the famed Queen Mary ship after it has come to light that the purportedly haunted vessel and wildly popular tourist destination has fallen into a worrisome state of disrepair.

Watch: Security Camera Films Eerie 'Shadow Figure' in Scotland

A home security system in Scotland captured footage of a shadowy form that proved to be so eerie to the person living in the residence that she enlisted a priest to bless the location.

Brandon Fugal Photos 7/25/21

Skinwalker Ranch owner Brandon Fugal provided several images to accompany his appearance on the 7/25/21 show to give listeners a glimpse into the infamous paranormal hotspot.

Suspected Haunting Forces Family in France to Flee to Balcony for Sleep

Believing that their home is haunted, a French family has spent the last month sleeping in a tent on their balcony in order to avoid the unsettling paranormal activity that has disrupted their lives.

British Woman Enlists Psychic Medium to Thwart Hostile Ghost...

A woman in England claims that she became the target of an angry ghost that physically attacked her and ultimately prompted her to enlist a psychic medium to thwart the sinister spirit.

Vacant NJ School Occupied by Ghosts?

Ghosts at an old school in South New Jersey didn't haunt the students. Rather, they reportedly began their spectral appearances after the facility was closed in 2004.

Haunted Village for Sale in Scotland

The ruins of a Scottish village said to be occupied by the ghost of a 17th-century prophetess is up for sale.


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