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Video: Eerie 'Mystery Knocker' Leaves Malaysian Villages on Edgepicture

Video: Eerie 'Mystery Knocker' Leaves Malaysian Villages on Edge

A strange panic is sweeping over parts of Malaysia after multiple people in different villages reported hearing a persistent knocking at their door, but finding no one there when they looked to see who was behind the baffling banging.

Categories: Supernatural & Paranormal, Weird & Bizarre

Watch: Security Camera Films Odd Entity

A curious piece of security camera footage from a home in Wisconsin appears to show some kind of entity with strange hands briefly peering out from behind a door before disappearing.

Video: Irish Farmer 'Cursed' by Toppled Standing Stone Enlists...

An Irish farmer beset with bad luck for the last ten years believes that his misfortunes were caused by an ancient standing stone which was knocked over on his property and, as such, he enlisted a pair of druids to help him correct the problem.

Video: Odd Orb Leaves Pastor Unsettled

A pastor in Florida was left unsettled after his home security system woke him up in the middle of the night with an alert about an odd orb that was floating around his living room.

Canadian Theatre Seeks Ghost

A theatre in Canada has launched a rather clever contest in which the winner will earn the right to be site's resident ghost when they die.

Knapp's News 10/25/20

George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including paranormal activity during quarantine.

The iHeartMedia & Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network

We are thrilled to debut the new iHeartMedia and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. This exciting new network will feature podcasts of the paranormal, supernatural, and the unexplained!

Watch: Soda Can Moved by Ghost?

A curious piece of footage circulating online shows a soda can seemingly being moved by an unseen force that some suspect could be a ghost.

Museum Revives Creepy Doll Contest

Following a wildly successful contest last Halloween season, a museum in Minnesota is once again holding a competition to crown the creepiest doll in their collection.

Watch: Security Camera Films Shadow Person?

An eerie piece of footage captured by a home security camera shows a puzzling shadowy form that the homeowner suspects could be some kind of sinister entity.

'Cursed' Artifacts Returned to Pompeii

Several objects from the ruins at Pomeii were recently mailed to a travel agency in Italy by a Canadian woman who explained that she had stolen them 15 years ago and now wished to rid herself of what she believes is a curse attached to the artifacts.

Discount Store Chain in England Pulls Controversial Ouija...

In response to a growing furor surrounding their decision to sell Ouija Boards at an incredibly low price, a chain of discount stores in England have pulled the controversial items from shelves.

Scary Story Submissions

We are looking for your best scary or spooky tale for our Ghost-to-Ghost Halloween show on Friday, October 30th. Send your scariest story along with your phone number to halloweenstory@coasttocoastam.com - we just might pick you to read yours...

Peering Into Ghostly Phenomena

Halloween season is here, and that means a spate of articles about ghostly phenomena will be materializing on our digital doorsteps. One of the first out of the pack, is a skeptically oriented piece by Jake Bittle from Popular Science that posits...

Watch: Clumsy 'Ghost' Goes Viral in China

A worker at a horror-themed escape room in China likely wound up giving himself nightmares by way of an embarrassing stumble which was captured on video and subsequently went viral on social media.

Chain of Discount Stores in England Under Fire for Selling Ouija Boards

A chain of discount stores in England is under fire for selling incredibly inexpensive Ouija Boards as part of their seasonal Halloween offerings.

Ghost Hunters Robbed at Gunpoint in Texas

A pair of ghost hunters on a search for spirits in Texas encountered something far more frightening than an apparition: a man with a gun who proceeded to rob the duo.

Watch: Ghosts Filmed at Gettysburg?

A tourist visiting the notoriously haunted Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg captured footage of what he believes to be a pair of ghosts running near some cannons.

Haunted House Claims Irk Rental Agent

Cops in Georgia were forced to resolve a rather odd dispute between a rental agent and a man who kept telling people that one of their properties was haunted.

Security Camera Spots 'Ghost Woman' at Construction Site

A security camera stationed at a construction site in England captured an eerie image of what appears to be a ghost woman.

Video: Toddler's Ghost Photographed at Graveyard in New Mexico?

A mother in New Mexico believes that a security camera at a cemetery captured images of deceased daughter's spirit visiting her own grave in the middle of the night.

Ireland's Most Haunted House Up for Sale

A massive mansion in Ireland which boasts the reputation of being the country's most haunted house and, legend has it, was once visited by the devil himself, has reportedly gone on the market.

Ghost Photographed at Haunted Hotel?

An eerie picture taken at a notoriously haunted hotel in Colorado features what some suspect is the head of a spirit caught on film.

'Potato Poltergeist' Plagues Indian Family

A family in India believes that some kind of supernatural force has been raining stones and, bizarrely, potatoes onto the roof of their home as well as throwing them around inside the residence.

Thai Paranormal Show Cancelled Following Controversial Ghost Hunt

A popular paranormal television program in Thailand has been cancelled following a controversial ghost hunt in which one of the investigators dishonored a national heroine.

'Entity' Spotted in Google Earth Image of Argentina's...

An anomaly hunter scouring Google Earth images for strange and unusual sights spotted what he believes to be an alien roaming the halls of Argentina's presidential mansion.

Exorcist Enlisted to Eradicate Evil Spirits on Icelandic Farm

Plans to demolish a farmstead in Iceland had to be put on hold so that an exorcist could visit the scene and eradicate sinister spirits believed to be lingering at the location.

Watch: Pet Camera Films Ghost Cat?

A fantastic video that popped up online this week appears to show a ghost cat manifesting out of thin air on a couch.

Watch: Police Investigate Haunted Playground Equipment in India?

A bizarre video from India shows a group of police officers in India seemingly investigating a piece of playground equipment that is moving on its own.

Argument Among Ghost Hunters Leads to Stabbing

Authorities in Arkansas say that the conclusion of a late-night ghost hunt turned ugly when one of the spirit seekers allegedly stabbed his fellow investigator of the unknown.


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