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Ghost Hunters Robbed at Gunpoint in Texaspicture

Ghost Hunters Robbed at Gunpoint in Texas

A pair of ghost hunters on a search for spirits in Texas encountered something far more frightening than an apparition: a man with a gun who proceeded to rob the duo.

Categories: True Crime, Supernatural & Paranormal

Watch: Ghosts Filmed at Gettysburg?

A tourist visiting the notoriously haunted Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg captured footage of what he believes to be a pair of ghosts running near some cannons.

Haunted House Claims Irk Rental Agent

Cops in Georgia were forced to resolve a rather odd dispute between a rental agent and a man who kept telling people that one of their properties was haunted.

Security Camera Spots 'Ghost Woman' at Construction Site

A security camera stationed at a construction site in England captured an eerie image of what appears to be a ghost woman.

Video: Toddler's Ghost Photographed at Graveyard in New Mexico?

A mother in New Mexico believes that a security camera at a cemetery captured images of deceased daughter's spirit visiting her own grave in the middle of the night.

Ireland's Most Haunted House Up for Sale

A massive mansion in Ireland which boasts the reputation of being the country's most haunted house and, legend has it, was once visited by the devil himself, has reportedly gone on the market.

Ghost Photographed at Haunted Hotel?

An eerie picture taken at a notoriously haunted hotel in Colorado features what some suspect is the head of a spirit caught on film.

'Potato Poltergeist' Plagues Indian Family

A family in India believes that some kind of supernatural force has been raining stones and, bizarrely, potatoes onto the roof of their home as well as throwing them around inside the residence.

Thai Paranormal Show Cancelled Following Controversial Ghost Hunt

A popular paranormal television program in Thailand has been cancelled following a controversial ghost hunt in which one of the investigators dishonored a national heroine.

'Entity' Spotted in Google Earth Image of Argentina's...

An anomaly hunter scouring Google Earth images for strange and unusual sights spotted what he believes to be an alien roaming the halls of Argentina's presidential mansion.

Exorcist Enlisted to Eradicate Evil Spirits on Icelandic Farm

Plans to demolish a farmstead in Iceland had to be put on hold so that an exorcist could visit the scene and eradicate sinister spirits believed to be lingering at the location.

Watch: Pet Camera Films Ghost Cat?

A fantastic video that popped up online this week appears to show a ghost cat manifesting out of thin air on a couch.

Watch: Police Investigate Haunted Playground Equipment in India?

A bizarre video from India shows a group of police officers in India seemingly investigating a piece of playground equipment that is moving on its own.

Argument Among Ghost Hunters Leads to Stabbing

Authorities in Arkansas say that the conclusion of a late-night ghost hunt turned ugly when one of the spirit seekers allegedly stabbed his fellow investigator of the unknown.

Video: Michigan Restaurant Enlists 'Ghosts' to Help with...

A recently reopened Italian restaurant in Michigan has come up with a clever way of adhering to social distancing guidelines by enlisting 'ghosts' to fill in tables between customers.

Watch: 'Haunted' Dolls Filmed Moving on Their Own?

An eerie piece of footage from a homeowner in Ohio appears to show his wife's porcelain dolls moving on their own.

Ghost of Elvis Visits His Cousin?

A relative of Elvis Presley claims to have had an eerie experience that he suspects may have been a visit from the ghost of the legendary musician.

Watch: Shadow Figure Filmed by Hotel Security Camera?

A chilling video circulating online appears to show a shadow figure lurking in an Illinois hotel.

Quarantine Ghosts on the Rise?

A new report finds that ghostly activity may be on the upswing in the COVID-19 era.

Video: Indian City Enlists 'Ghosts' to Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown

In an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a city in India has enlisted a group of 'ghosts' to scare people into staying inside their homes at night.

Tim Scullion Ghost Images

Tim Scullion shares some of his latest ghost photos for his appearance on the 5/10/20 show. At the top, Colonial Williamsburg's "Lady in White" moves sideways across the photo.

Watch: Pranksters Frighten Police in Malaysia with 'Crying...

Authorities enforcing a coronavirus lockdown in Malaysia got quite the fright when they heard what appeared to be the sound of a supernatural entity known in the country as a 'crying vampire,' but it turned out be the work of pranksters.

Free Haunted House Available in Louisiana

After repeated attempts to sell the residence proved futile, the owners of a purportedly haunted house in Louisiana is now giving the home away for free!

Watch: 'Hat Man' Entity Caught on Film at Haunted Mansion in St. Louis?

A curious piece of footage filmed at a notoriously haunted location in St. Louis appears to offer a glimpse of the infamous shadow entity known as the 'Hat Man,' but not everyone is convinced that the video features a genuine supernatural being.

Indonesia's Haunted House Quarantine Punishment Proves Wildly...

An Indonesian official's headline-making decision to house coronavirus quarantine-breaking individuals in a haunted house has proven to be a rather clever tactic when it comes to convincing residents to adhere to the lockdown.

Watch: Ghost Spotted in TikTok Video?

A weird piece of footage that went viral over the weekend appears to show some kind of intruder lurking in the background of a TikTok video.

Indonesians Locked in Haunted House After Breaking Coronavirus...

Two people who were caught violating a coronavirus quarantine in an Indonesian village have been forced to live in a haunted house as a result.

Watch: Dog Frightened by Ghost?

An eerie piece of footage circulating online appears to show a dog being disturbed by a shadowy figure that some suspect could be a ghost.

Watch: Security Camera Spots Ghost?

A woman in England believes that her home security system caught sight of an apparition walking down the road outside of her house.

Indian Mystery Creature Morphs into Man

In an enlightening example of how rumors and urban legends can quickly evolve, a 'mystery creature' that sparked a panic in India is now thought to be a mischievous man rather than a beast.


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