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Ghost Photographed at Colorado's Notoriously Haunted Stanley Hotel?picture

Ghost Photographed at Colorado's Notoriously Haunted Stanley Hotel?

A tourist taking part in a ghost tour at Colorado's notoriously haunted Stanley Hotel believes that she may have snapped a photograph of a spirit lingering in a window.

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Jogger Encounters Ghost Sitting on Bench at Haunted Park in Singapore?

A woman out for a jog at a purportedly haunted park in Singapore encountered an eerie figure sitting on a bench and some suspect that the mysterious stranger may have been a ghost.

'Haunted' Doll Terrifies Australian Town

Residents of a small town in Australia say that their community is plagued by an unsettling presence in the form of a haunted doll that brings bad luck to those who get too close to it.

Audio Tribute to Timothy Green Beckley

We were saddened to learn that prolific author Timothy Green Beckley passed away on Sunday night. As a tribute to his life and work, we present an hour of free audio-- an interview he did with George Knapp in 2020 on alien portals.

Video: Bush Family Divided Over Whether or Not White House is Haunted

An amusing difference of opinion has emerged among the Bush family as to whether or not the White House is haunted as the former first lady dismissed such an idea, while her daughter insists that it's true.

'Ghost Burglar' Busted in Zimbabwe

Authorities in Zimbabwe busted a burglar who had devised a rather clever scheme wherein he pretended to be a ghost and scared people into fleeing their homes so that he could then rob them.

Watch: Eerie Activity Filmed at Haunted Hotel in Texas

A spooky piece of footage from a notoriously haunted hotel in Texas shows toys that seemingly move on their own and an eerie shadow anomaly that sweeps through the room.

Woman in England Accuses Neighbor of Unleashing a Ghost Upon Her Home

In a weird story out of England, cops were forced to briefly become ghostbusters after they received a call from a woman who accused her neighbor of sending a sinister spirit to her home.

Puzzling Potential Paranormal Activity Reported in New York Home

A series of strange events unfolding in the home of a family in New York state has them wondering if their residence is haunted.

Ghost Photographed at Infamously Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium?

A woman visiting the infamously haunted Waverly Hill Sanatorium in Kentucky snapped a spooky photograph that appears to show an apparition lurking in a doorway.

Police Investigate Suspected Human Remains Detected During Ghost Hunt

Authorities in Massachusetts were called upon to investigate the possible discovery of human remains after the crew of a paranormal television show stumbled upon something anomalous buried in a basement.

Video: Oklahoma Woman Attempts to Sell Horrifyingly 'Haunted' Armchair

An Oklahoma woman's attempt to sell a used armchair online wound up causing something of a stir when people noticed that the leather upholstery appears to sport the eerie outline of a person.

Rumors of 'Shapeshifting Boar Demon' Spark Hysteria in...

Panic recently spread throughout a village in Indonesia as several residents believed that they had fallen victim to a shapeshifting boar demon that stole their money.

Watch: Eerie Anomaly Filmed at British Pub

A puzzling piece of security camera footage from a pub in England shows an odd anomaly that workers at the establishment suspect could be a ghost.

Watch: Ghost Boy Spotted in Jordan?

An eerie video filmed by an urban explorer in Jordan appears to show a young boy lurking in an abandoned building and some viewers suspect that the out-of-place figure is a ghost.

Watch: Ghost Child Filmed on Australian Highway?

An eerie piece of dashcam footage from Australia shows what appears to be a diminutive figure standing on a freeway at night and some people suspect that the mysterious form could have been a ghost child.

Listen to C2C's Paranormal Podcast Network

Coast to Coast AM and iHeartMedia are happy to present the Paranormal Podcast Network. This exciting new network features free podcasts about the paranormal, supernatural, and the unexplained!

Lizzie Borden 'Murder House' Sold

The operator of a nationwide ghost tour company has struck a deal to purchase the infamous Lizzie Borden 'murder house' in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Witch Allegedly Targeted by Strange Campaign of...

A self-described witch in Massachusetts claims that she is the target of an ongoing campaign of harassment which culminated with a suspected arson attempt over the weekend.

Haunted Jail for Sale in Florida

A shuttered jail in Florida that has been touted by some as the state's most haunted building is up for sale.

Cops in Britain Bust Bevy of Ghost Hunters Breaking...

Authorities in England put a stop to a veritable party of paranormal researchers when they caught a dozen people breaking the country's coronavirus lockdown restrictions while exploring an abandoned house.

Ohio Cop Encounters Ghost Girl?

In an odd story out of Ohio, a police officer may have encountered a ghost as he was responding to a report of a seemingly out-of-place little girl wandering around late in the evening.

Perturbed Town Council in England Rejects Request for Ghost...

In what sounds like a wildly entertaining meeting, a British paranormal group's request to investigate a historic building was rejected by the community's town council, who cited concerns about what might happen if they uncovered ghostly activity.

Knapp's News 3/21/21

George Knapp shares items of recent interest, including an article about the US government's knowledge of UFO sightings.

Teen in Ghana Stricken by 'Magical' Ring

A teenager in Ghana nearly lost his finger after he put on a friend's purportedly magical ring and then found that the cursed object would not come off.

Baby Monitor Photographs Eerie Figure

A spooky image circulating online shows an eerie figure lurking over the bed of a child and the youngster's grandmother suspects that it is some kind of sinister entity.

'Amityville Horror' Killer Ronald DeFeo Dies

Ronald DeFeo, the convicted killer 'credited' with spawning the infamous 'Amityville Horror' poltergeist case, reportedly died in police custody late last week.

Eerie 'Figure' Filmed in Swedish Forest

A puzzling piece of footage filmed in a Swedish forest appears to show some kind of figure briefly pop out from behind a tree before disappearing from view.

$666 'Haunted' Guitar for Sale

An individual out of Ohio is selling an acoustic guitar which they claim is possessed by the spirit of its previous owner and their asking price is, naturally, $666.

Ghost Hunters Stumble Upon Human Skull

A pair of ghost hunters discovered a human skull while on an investigation in England and actually posted a YouTube video wherein they show the moment that they made the gruesome find.


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