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Demo of New 'Invisibility Cloak'

Oct 21, 2019

Hyperstealth Biotechnology reveals a paper-thin material that makes objects appear invisible.

Knapp's News 10/20/19

Oct 20, 2019

George Knapp shared recent items of interest, including an article on fate vs. free will.

New Interstellar Comet Looks Familiar

Oct 15, 2019

Meet 21/Borisuv, the recently detected interstellar comet that entered our solar system.

Video: Is This Amelia Earhart's Skull?

Oct 14, 2019

Skull fragments found at a museum in Kiribati may lead to a resolution in the mystery of Amelia Earhart's fate.

NASA Reveals New Space Suit

Oct 12, 2019

NASA's latest space suit design allows for better mobility in partial gravity and the ability to lift objects over the head.

Monstrous New Dinosaur Species Found

Oct 10, 2019

Researchers studying fossils found in Thailand say that the bones belonged to a heretofore undiscovered species of carnivorous dinosaur that appears to have been particularly fearsome.

UAE Astronaut Refutes Flat Earth Theory

Oct 10, 2019

An astronaut who recently made history by becoming the first spacefarer from the United Arab Emirates was asked by one curious reporter upon his return to Earth to confirm that the planet is really round and not flat.

20 'New' Moons Spotted Orbiting Saturn

Oct 7, 2019

Astronomers have discovered 20 heretofore unidentified moons orbiting Saturn, which gives the gas giant the title for the planet with the most satellites in our solar system.

Video: Elon Musk Says He Has 'Not Seen Any Sign of Aliens'

Oct 1, 2019

SpaceX founder Elon Musk briefly discussed the possibility that intelligent extraterrestrials may be out in space and largely dismissed such a scenario.

NASA Chief Scientist Says Life on Mars Could be Found Within Two Years

Sep 30, 2019

The chief scientist for NASA says that the discovery of life on Mars may only be a couple of years away and expressed concern over how such a find would be received here on Earth.

Watch: Inside Chernobyl Reactor No. 4 Control Room

Sep 28, 2019

Recently, a group of journalists was granted access to the ruins of Chernobyl's reactor no. 4 control room.

Astronaut Aboard ISS Snaps Amazing Picture of Soyuz Rocket Launch

Sep 26, 2019

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station captured a breathtaking image of a Soyuz rocket on its way to deliver new crew members to the ISS.

Harvard Astronomer Suggests Lunar Surface May Contain Alien Evidence

Sep 25, 2019

A Harvard astronomer has put forward the intriguing suggestion that the surface of the moon may serve as a proverbial 'fishing net' for evidence of alien life.

Russian Space Agency Refuses to Reveal Source of ISS Mystery Hole

Sep 23, 2019

In a weird update to an already strange story, the head of the Russian space agency reportedly announced that they now know what caused a mysterious hole that was found in a Soyuz capsule attached to the ISS last summer, but they are refusing to tell...

Knapp's News 9/22/19

Sep 22, 2019

George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including an article on Viking 'super soldiers.'

Watch: Structures on the Moon?

Sep 21, 2019

Archival footage of NASA researchers reviewing Apollo 15 photos may offer proof of alien "structures" on the Moon.

NASA Photographs Eclipse on Jupiter

Sep 17, 2019

An amazing new image taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft shows the massive shadow created by one of Jupiter's moon as it passes between the planet and the sun.

Video: Submerged Car Spotted on Google Earth Solves Decades-Old Cold Case

Sep 16, 2019

A man using Google Earth to check out his old neighborhood in Florida wound up solving a decades-old cold case when he spotted a car that was submerged in a pond.

Mysterious Acoustic Waves in Oklahoma

Sep 15, 2019

Seismometers have been buzzing all summer long with strange readings in Oklahoma.

Stunning Hubble Image of Saturn's Rings

Sep 14, 2019

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope just captured a stunning new image of Saturn and its rings.

Video: 'Dinosaur Skull' Spotted on Mars

Sep 9, 2019

An anomaly hunter scouring NASA images of Mars spotted what he believes to be evidence of a dinosaur skull sitting on the surface of the Red Planet.

Odd Life-forms Found Deep Inside Mine

Sep 8, 2019

Extreme microbes have been found thriving deep inside Kidd Mine in Canada in a water reservoir said to be undisturbed for two billion years.

Avalanche on Mars

Sep 7, 2019

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured a stunning image of an avalanche near the north pole of Mars.

Chinese Lunar Rover Finds Puzzling 'Gel' on the Dark Side of the Moon

Sep 3, 2019

Scientists manning the Chinese lunar rover on the 'Dark Side' of the moon were stopped in their tracks when the craft spotted a strange gel-like substance inside of a small crater.

Giant Exoplanet Has Extreme Orbit

Sep 1, 2019

Planet HR 5183 b dives in close to it star and then slingshots out to the farthest reaches.

NASA Head Declares 'Pluto is a Planet'

Aug 27, 2019

An off-the-cuff remark from the administrator of NASA has reignited the debate over whether or not Pluto is a planet.

Video: Humanoid Robot Launches to ISS

Aug 24, 2019

Earlier this week a humanoid robot called Skybot F-850 was launched into space aboard a Soyuz capsule.

Video: First Visit to Titanic Wreckage in 14 Years Reveals Significant Deterioration

Aug 22, 2019

For the first time in 14 years, divers have visited the wreckage of the Titanic and their observations indicate that the doomed passenger liner has deteriorated significantly.

DNA Study Finds One Theory for the Loch Ness Monster 'Remains Plausible'

Aug 21, 2019

The results of an environmental DNA study of Loch Ness will be officially released in a few weeks and the scientist behind the ambitious project says that the findings indicated that one theory for the site's legendary 'monster' remains plausible.

'Skeleton Lake' DNA Study Produces Puzzling Results

Aug 20, 2019

An intriguing new DNA study attempting to unravel the mystery of a macabre site in the Himalayas known as 'Skeleton Lake' wound up producing some rather confounding results.

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