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Is Pluto a giant comet?

May 26, 2018

Pluto may have been formed as the result of a collision between one billion comets.

New Study Confirming Hitler's Death Debunks Conspiracy Theories

May 22, 2018

A remarkable new examination of Adolf Hitler's remains appears to confirm that he died as the historical record depicts: via suicide in 1945.

Discovery of an Interstellar Visitor

May 21, 2018

On the heels of the strange asteroid 'Oumuamua, comes another visitor to our solar system.

Study Suggests Octopuses Have Alien Origin

May 16, 2018

An intriguing new scientific paper proposes that octopuses, as we know them, may have developed their unique characteristics due to an alien intervention.

Humanoid Robot Goes For Run

May 12, 2018

Boston Dynamics has posted new video of its advanced humanoid robot, Atlas.

New Scan of Tut's Tomb Finds No Hidden Chambers

May 7, 2018

Hopes that there were hidden chambers to be found in King Tut's tomb appear to have been dashed after a third radar scan of the site found no such rooms.

'Warrior Statue' Spotted on Mars

Apr 30, 2018

A Mars anomaly hunter studying images from NASA's Curiosity Rover believes that he has discovered the remnants of an ancient statue which seems to depict the head of a warrior.

Mysterious Ice Circles in the Arctic Discovered

Apr 22, 2018

NASA scientist John Sonntag said the holes were something he'd never seen before.

Knapp's News 4/15/18

Apr 15, 2018

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention, including a video tour of the moon in 4K.

Listen: Steve Quayle on Strange Events

Apr 4, 2018

Enjoy this free hour in which Steve Quayle explores the unexplained and catastrophic.

Free Audio: Mysterious Planet X

Apr 3, 2018

Listen to a riveting hour delving into the mysterious Planet X with guest Bob Fletcher.

Watch: Will Smith's Awkward Date with Sophia the Robot

Apr 1, 2018

Things go slightly awry in the encounter between the movie star and android.

Video: Company Develops Creepy Rolling Spider-Bot

Mar 31, 2018

German company Festo has developed a robot based on the locomotion of the flic-flac spider.

Atacama 'Alien' Study Sparks Scientific Firestorm in Chile

Mar 29, 2018

An odd coda had been added to the recently-concluded tale of the Atacama 'alien' as Chilean officials and scientists have expressed outrage over the highly-publicized study of the skeleton's genetics.

Wilbur Allen Video Samples

Mar 28, 2018

Wednesday night guest Wilbur Allen shares a set of videos related to his presentation.

Odd 'Alien Face' Spotted on Mars

Mar 23, 2018

Conspiracy theorists convinced that Mars was once home to an advanced ET civilization believe that they've discovered new evidence for their theory in the form of an alien face on the surface of the Red Planet.

Atacama 'Alien' Mystery Solved

Mar 22, 2018

Genetic researchers have unraveled the mystery of a bizarre mummified skeleton once suspected of possibly being an alien.

C2C Audio: Michio Kaku on Humanity's Future

Mar 21, 2018

Enjoy a free hour of C2C audio exploring how human civlization will move into space.

Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson Debunks the Flat Earth Theory

Mar 13, 2018

Astrophysicist and science popularizer Neil deGrasse Tyson recently took aim at the Flat Earth conspiracy and attempted to debunk the controversial concept once and for all.

Mysterious Bones Linked to Amelia Earhart Again

Mar 12, 2018

The infamous Amelia Earhart mystery is making headlines once again thanks to a new study that appears to shed light on her ultimate fate.

Numerous Alexa Owners Report Creepy Laugh Coming from Device

Mar 7, 2018

As Amazon's wildly popular 'intelligent personal assistant' Alexa finds its way into more and more homes, reports of weird activity emanating from the device have begun to emerge.

Knapp's News 2/18/18

Feb 18, 2018

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

Watch: 'Starman' Filmed from Earth

Feb 16, 2018

An astrophotographer in California has managed to capture remarkable footage of the already-legendary Starman-helmed Tesla Roadster coasting through space.

Flat Earth Society Says SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Was Fake

Feb 7, 2018

While many were celebrating yesterday's successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, there was one group that passed on popping any champagne: Flat Earth enthusiasts.

Video: Flat Earth Fan's Homemade Rocket Launch Fizzles Out

Feb 5, 2018

A Flat Earth fan's plans to launch himself inside of a homemade rocket over the weekend wound up being scrubbed due to technical difficulties.

Trio of Weird Spheres Land in Peru

Jan 31, 2018

A community in Peru was shaken over the weekend when three steel balls fell from the sky and landed with a thunderous thud.

Esteemed Scientist Makes Shocking Human-Chimp Hybrid Claim

Jan 30, 2018

A highly respected evolutionary biologist has sparked headlines after claiming that scientists once secretly created a human-chimpanzee hybrid!

Doomsday Clock Ticks Closer to Midnight

Jan 25, 2018

The annual assessment of how close humanity might be to destroying itself, known as the 'Doomsday Clock,' was announced today and the prognosis is worrisome to say the least.

Google Lunar X-Prize is No More

Jan 23, 2018

A Google-sponsored competition promising to richly reward the first private space company to land on the moon has come to an end with no one winning the prize.

Knapp's News 1/21/18

Jan 21, 2018

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.