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'Floating Ship' Spotted in Englandpicture

'Floating Ship' Spotted in England

A father and son walking along a beach in England were left scratching their heads when they looked out at the ocean and saw what appeared to be a sizeable ship floating over the water.

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Video: Bizarre Blob Found on Beach in Thailand May be Worth...

A woman in Thailand may be poised to make a small fortune by way of a sizeable and prized piece of whale vomit that she found on a beach.

Enormous 'Snow Circle' Created in Canada

A pair of friends in Canada created an enormous and rather breathtaking 'snow circle' formation atop a frozen pond in Nova Scotia.

Video: Wild Sheep Sporting 78 Pounds of Wool Gets Life-Saving Shave

A wild sheep that had amassed a jaw-dropping coat of wool was rescued by an animal sanctuary who provided the creature with a life-saving shave.

Video: Indonesian Fisherman Finds Bizarre Baby Shark with 'Human Face'

An Indonesian fisherman could not believe his eyes when he cut open a shark that he had caught and discovered that the catch contained a bizarre baby version of the fish that looked eerily human.

Watch: Northern Lights Livestream

A recently reactivated livestream from a camera stationed in Canada provides viewers with the chance to catch a glimpse of the famed Northern Lights as they appear in real time.

Deer with Hairy Eyes Found in Tennessee

In a bizarre animal case out of Tennessee, wildlife officials recovered the remains of a deer that was stricken with a rare condition that caused its eyeballs to be hairy!

Watch: Fish with 'Human Teeth' Caught in Florida

A Florida fisherman could not believe his eyes when he reeled in a catch and saw that it sported a mouthful of human-like teeth.

'Mystery Print' Found in New Hampshire

A biologist exploring a snow-covered patch of wilderness in New Hampshire noticed a solitary impression in the snow that left social media users scratching their heads.

Incredibly Rare Yellow Lobster, Dubbed 'Banana,' Caught Off...

A lobster recently caught off the coast of Maine is raising eyebrows thanks to its striking and incredibly rare yellow coloring.

Watch: 'Rat Worm' Filmed in Thailand

A homeowner in Thailand was understandably horrified when he spotted a bizarre 'rat worm' creature slithering up his bedroom wall.

Animals Across America Provide Predictions for Super Bowl Winner

As has become custom in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, a veritable menagerie of animals residing at zoos and sanctuaries across the country have stepped or swum forward to predict the winner of Sunday's big game between the Kansas City...

'Poseidon' Appears in Photo of Huge Wave

A photographer documenting a massive storm that was in the process of battering his native France snapped a stunning picture of a wave which appears to show the face of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

Video: Termite Mound in Thailand Resembles Popular 'Ghost Boy'

A termite mound discovered in Thailand is causing something of a stir due to its uncanny resemblance to a legendary spirit that has become particularly popular in the country over the last year.

Video: Avalanche Theory for Dyatlov Pass Incident is Bolstered...

In what may be disappointing news to those who advocate for a more exotic explanation, an intriguing new scientific examination of the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident supports the theory that the tragic event was the result of an avalanche.

Video: Bizarre Goat Attack Sends Australian Man to the Hospital

An Australian man out for a walk along a nature trail wound up needing medical attention following an unsettling encounter with an angry goat.

Watch: Romanian Skier Chased by Bear

A young man skiing in Romania got quite the scare over the weekend when a bear emerged from some nearby woods and began chasing him down the mountain.

Volcanic Rock Sports Cookie Monster Face

The inside of a volcanic rock found in Brazil sports a stunning pattern of crystals which bear an uncanny resemblance to the iconic Cookie Monster character from Sesame Street.

Giant Finback Whale Carcass Discovered in Mediterranean

Last weekend the Italian Coast Guard found the carcass of an enormous finback whale near the port of Sorrento.

'Mystery Creature' Photographed in Maine

A trail cam in Maine snapped a puzzling image of a creature that proved rather difficult to identify.

'American' Racing Pigeon's Life Spared After Australian...

In a bizarre twist to an already weird story, a racing pigeon thought to have flown from the United States to Australia and subsequently sentenced to death over concerns about bird diseases being brought to the country has been granted a reprieve...

Racing Pigeon That Flew From America to Australia to be Euthanized

A racing pigeon from America that flew all the way to Australia will pay the ultimate price for its arduous quest for freedom as officials in the country plan to euthanize the bird out of fear that it might carry diseases.

Watch: Thawing Puddle in Ireland Produces Captivating 'Alien Illusion'

A children's author in Ireland could not believe her eyes when she stumbled upon a puddle that was thawing from below and, in the process, looked as if it were inhabited by some kind of mysterious alien creatures.

Video: Strange New Method of Snake Locomotion Discovered by Scientists

For the first time in nearly a century, scientists have discovered a new method of snake locomotion by way of a bizarre climbing method exhibited by a species of the creature living in Guam.

Video: Enormous Sinkhole Opens Up Outside Hospital in Italy

A jaw-dropping scene unfolded outside of an Italian hospital when an enormous sink hole opened up in the facility's parking lot.

Massive Shark Washes Ashore in Maine

A crew of fishermen in Maine could not believe their eyes when they discovered an enormous dead shark that had washed ashore onto a beach.

Video: Diver Spots Stingray Sporting Eerie 'Face'

A diver swimming in the waters off the coast of Tonga could not believe his eyes when he spotted a stingray that appeared to sport a sinister face on its back.

C2C's Wildest Animal Stories of 2020

In keeping with its status as one of the oddest years on record, 2020 boasted a vast array of amazing animal stories that left us awestruck.

Video: Incredibly Rare Armadillo Species Spotted in Bolivia

A team of conservationists in Bolivia managed to document an incredibly rare species of armadillo that is considered one of the most elusive creatures in the world.

Florida Wildlife Officials Enlist Python-Sniffing Dogs to...

Wildlife officials in Florida have devised a rather ingenious new method for tackling the state's problematic python population: dogs that are specially trained to hunt down the invasive snakes.


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