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Bizarre 'Body' Frightens Beachcomberpicture

Bizarre 'Body' Frightens Beachcomber

A volunteer with an organization that cleans up beaches in Florida stumbled upon what they thought was a decapitated human body, but their fear soon turned to laughter when the true nature of the 'corpse' was revealed.

Categories: Nature, Environment & Earth Changes

Rare Albino Buck Spotted in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin woman snapped an amazing photograph of a wondrous creature that was spotted wandering through her backyard: a rare albino buck.

19th Century Shipwreck Unearthed on Florida Beach

Archaeologists have unearthed a shipwreck that had been hidden beneath of the sands of a Florida beach since the 1800s.

Last Known White Giraffe Outfitted with GPS Tracker

What is believed to be the world's last remaining white giraffe has been outfitted with a GPS tracking device in order to protect the incredibly rare creature from poachers.

Watch: Diver Films Weird Walking Fish

A diver exploring the waters off the coast of Honduras captured footage of an elusive fish which prowls the ocean floor by walking on its fins.

Watch: Monstrous Alligator Spotted Roaming Around Florida Golf Course

A wild video out of Florida shows a monstrous alligator casually strolling across the grounds of a golf course.

Video: Minnesota Deer Hunter Bags Three-Foot-Long Alligator

A deer hunter in Minnesota had a rather impressive start to his season when he bagged both a ten-point buck as well as a three-foot-long alligator.

Massive Great White Shark Pings Off Florida Coast

It is one of the largest great white sharks ever tagged in the Atlantic and it recently pinged off the coast of Florida just south of Miami.

Rare Black Tiger Photographed in India

An amateur wildlife photographer in India snapped some photographs of an incredibly rare black tiger roaming around a nature reserve.

Video: Scientists Rediscover Breathtaking Chameleon 'Lost' for...

A project aimed at finding proverbial 'lost' creatures managed to locate a breathtaking species of chameleon which has not been seen by scientists in over a century.

Watch: Rare Deep Sea Squid Captured on Film for the First Time

Scientists working off the coast of Australia inadvertently captured the first-ever footage of an elusive and bizarre-looking deep sea squid in its natural habitat.

Watch: Fish with Eerie Human-Like Face Caught in Thailand

A fisherman in Thailand was aghast when he reeled in a catch that sported an eerie human-like face that appeared to be sad about its fate.

Cow Spotted Eating Snake in Australia

A motorist cruising down a remote highway in Australia could not believe his eyes when he looked over at the side of the road and spotted a cow munching on a snake.

Coral Reef Taller Than Empire State Building Discovered Off...

A research project aimed at mapping the ocean floor off the coast of Australia discovered an enormous coral reef which is taller than the Empire State Building.

Monkey Menaces Tennessee Community

A strange controversy has erupted in a Tennessee community after residents alerted authorities to what they say is a menacing pet monkey roaming the streets.

Watch: Bizarre One-Eyed Albino Baby Shark Discovered in Indonesia

A group of fishermen in Indonesia were absolutely astonished when they cut open a catch and discovered a bizarre, one-eyed albino baby shark inside the creature.

Twelve-Year-Old Boy Discovers Rare Dinosaur Skeleton in Canada

A twelve-year-old boy with dreams of becoming a paleontologist may be well on his way after discovering a rare dinosaur skeleton while out on a hike with his father.

Owl Takes 'Unheard of' Ride on Helicopter

The pilot of a helicopter fighting California's wildfires could not believe his eyes when an owl flew into the craft while it was in mid-flight and stayed aboard for quite some time.

Watch: Bipedal Goat Becomes Star in India

A bizarre piece of footage out of India features a goat strutting down a dirt road on its hind legs to the astonishment of onlookers.

Video: Venomous Caterpillars Invade Virginia

Wildlife officials in Virginia have issued a warning about hairy venomous caterpillars that produce a powerful and painful reaction when touched.

Video: Incoming Meteor Spotted by Witnesses in 15 States

The flash from a meteor burning up as it entered the Earth's atmosphere earlier this week was so bright that it was spotted by witnesses in 15 states.

Watch: Fisherman Stumbles Upon Snakes Engaged in Epic Tug of War

A fisherman in Kentucky could not believe his eyes when he stumbled upon a pair of stubborn snakes engaged in an epic tug of war over some food.

Video: Famed Balancing Rock Falls

A massive rock in Massachusetts that famously sat precariously perched on a boulder for thousands of years finally succumbed to the elements and came tumbling down this week.

Psychic in Texas Fails to Foresee Flood

The clairvoyant abilities of a psychic in Texas have been called into question after their truck was spotted being overwhelmed by a flood.

Missouri Teen Finds Mastodon Tooth

A treasure-hunting teenager in Missouri stumbled upon a fantastic object from the distant past in the form of a fossilized mastodon tooth.

Knapp's News 9/20/20

George Knapp shares a number of recent items of interest, including an article about how climate change may lead to a mass migration.

Watch: 'Monster' Alligator Swims Through Yard

Gulf Shores, Alabama resident Tina Bennett captured video of what she estimates was a 12-ft alligator swimming through her front lawn during Hurricane Sally.

Giant 'Dragon Stone' Found in Arkansas

A sizeable and scaly object resembling some kind of giant egg was recently discovered in Arkansas and sparked considerable speculation online as to the nature of the bizarre oddity which, it turns out, may wind up being quite valuable.

Watch: 'Cloud Castle' Filmed in China

An odd piece of footage circulating online appears to show a 'cloud castle' floating in the sky above a city in China.

Video: Authorities Searching for Tiger Spotted Roaming Around Knoxville

A massive search is underway in Knoxville, Tennessee after a sheriff's deputy spotted a tiger roaming around an industrial park.


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