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Massachusetts Diver Escapes Jonah and Whale Scenariopicture

Massachusetts Diver Escapes Jonah and Whale Scenario

A lobster diver never expected to role-play a popular Bible story this week at work.

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Michigan Firefighters Rescue Raccoon with Head Stuck in Sewer Cover

Firefighters in Michigan found themselves faced with a rather unusual challenge this week when they were enlisted to help rescue a raccoon that had somehow gotten its head stuck in a sewer cover.

Video: Massive Sinkhole Devours Multiple Cars in Jerusalem...

Some unlucky visitors to a hospital in Jerusalem likely wound up needing a ride home after a sinkhole spontaneously erupted in a parking lot and devoured several cars.

Video: Enormous New Dinosaur Species Unearthed in Australia

Scientists have confirmed the discovery of an enormous new species of dinosaur that was unearthed in Australia and is believed to have been as long as a basketball court.

Ancient Shark Population Decimated by Mysterious Mass Extinction Event

Scientists studying the fossil record found in deep-sea sediments stumbled upon a rather strange discovery when they noticed that the planet's shark population inexplicably plummeted around 19 million years ago.

Video: Erupting Volcano Devours Drone

A mesmerizing video captured by a drone flying over an erupting volcano in Iceland shows the moment when the UAV gets too close to the action and winds up being devoured by lava.

Watch: Brave Teen Saves Family Dogs from Menacing Bear in Backyard

A California teenager is being hailed as a hero after she bravely fended off a sizeable bear that had gotten into a confrontation with her family's dogs in their backyard.

Rare Piebald Squirrel Spotted in Colorado

An incredibly rare and rather jaw-dropping piebald squirrel was recently spotted scampering along a tree in Colorado.

Odd Blob Washes Ashore in North Carolina

A bizarre blob that washed ashore in North Carolina has left experts scratching their heads and asking the public for help in identifying the oddity.

Watch: Lamb in China Walks on Two Feet

An amazing video from China shows a lamb that was born with deformed hind limbs and, in turn, learned to walk around on just its two front feet.

Watch: Hundreds of Birds Become Trapped in Fireplace of California Home

Firefighters in California found themselves with a rather unusual problem on their hands when hundreds of birds somehow wound up stuck in the fireplace of a home.

Faux Dinosaur Footprint Found Along Appalachian Trail

A hiker traveling along the Appalachian Trail thought that they had found the fossilized footprint of a dinosaur, but the eye-catching discovery turned out to be a hoax made by Mother Nature.

Billions of Cicadas to Emerge!

There will be plenty of racket this spring when billions of Brood X cicadas emerge after 17 years of living underground.

Study Suggests Billions of Tyrannosaurus Rexes Once Roamed the Earth

A fascinating new study aimed at determining what the population of Tyrannosaurus Rexes on Earth would have been in the distant past determined that approximately 2.5 billion of the creatures likely existed throughout history.

Watch: Lightning Strike Shatters Tree in Seconds

An amazing piece of security camera footage from a high school in Wisconsin shows a lightning strike shattering a sizeable tree in seconds.

Video: Troop of Monkeys Seen Roaming Around Cemetery in Cincinnati?

In a bizarre story out of Cincinnati, authorities are on the lookout for a troop of monkeys said to have been spotted roaming around a cemetery in the city.

Watch: Monstrous Monitor Lizard Invades Grocery Store in Thailand

A jaw-dropping video out of Thailand shows an enormous monitor lizard invading a grocery store and terrifying onlookers.

Watch: Reindeer Cyclone

Photographer Lev Fedoseyev captured stunning video of a herd of stampeding reindeer in the Arctic Circle moving in an enormous swirling pattern.

Watch: Scientists Solve Mystery of Rabbit Breed's Bizarre Walk

Genetic researchers have reportedly solved a longstanding mystery surrounding a strange breed of rabbit that walks on its two front feet rather than hopping.

Video: Arctic Walrus Spotted on Irish Beach Reappears Off...

An arctic walrus that made headlines last week after being spotted on a beach in Ireland is apparently not quite ready for its fifteen minutes of fame to end as the creature shockingly reappeared hundreds of miles away off the coast of Wales.

Watch: Drone Captures Amazing Footage of Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

A daring drone photographer in Iceland captured breathtaking footage of an unfolding volcanic eruption by flying his UAV over the top of the active crater as lava burst forth high into the air.

Jeff Belanger's Mnt. Kilimanjaro Photos

Guest on the 3/22/21 show, Jeff Belanger shares photos from his trip to Mount Kilimanjaro. Pictured above, the city of Moshi, Tanzania with Kilimanjaro in the background.

Watch: Rodent Plague Strikes Australia

Millions of mice have invaded rural farms and towns across New South Wales, Australia, drawn by this season's bumper grain harvest.

Watch: Arctic Walrus Winds up in Ireland

A father and daughter walking along a beach in Ireland could not believe their eyes when they spotted a giant arctic walrus resting on some rocks.

Archaeologists Find Dinosaur Sitting Atop Nest of Eggs...

For the first time ever, archaeologists have unearthed the fossilized remains of a dinosaur that perished while sitting atop a nest of nearly-hatched eggs.

Video: Earthquake in Croatia Spawns Staggering Series of Sinkholes

A powerful earthquake that rocked Croatia back in December is being blamed for a worrisome situation wherein sizeable sinkholes have subsequently appeared at an alarming rate over the last two months and now number nearly 100 in total.

'Floating Ship' Spotted in England

A father and son walking along a beach in England were left scratching their heads when they looked out at the ocean and saw what appeared to be a sizeable ship floating over the water.

Video: Bizarre Blob Found on Beach in Thailand May be Worth...

A woman in Thailand may be poised to make a small fortune by way of a sizeable and prized piece of whale vomit that she found on a beach.

Enormous 'Snow Circle' Created in Canada

A pair of friends in Canada created an enormous and rather breathtaking 'snow circle' formation atop a frozen pond in Nova Scotia.

Video: Wild Sheep Sporting 78 Pounds of Wool Gets Life-Saving Shave

A wild sheep that had amassed a jaw-dropping coat of wool was rescued by an animal sanctuary who provided the creature with a life-saving shave.


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