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Watch: Ornery Hippo Chases Boatpicture

Watch: Ornery Hippo Chases Boat

A wild video from Zambia shows the terrifying moment when an ornery hippo set about chasing after a group of tourists on a sightseeing boat.

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Watch: Cavers Explore Yemen's Eerie 'Well From Hell' for the First Time

A curious chasm in Yemen, dubbed the 'Well from Hell,' has finally been explored by cavers in what is thought to be the first documented expedition down into the centuries-old hole in the desert.

Video: Nightmarish 'Rat King' Found in Russia

A Russian farmer surveying flood damage on his property stumbled upon a rather unnerving quirk of Mother Nature in the form of five rats that had gotten their tails tangled together to create what is known as a 'rat king.'

42 ET-Seeking Telescopes in the Path of California Wildfire

The wildfires ravaging California over the past several years are reportedly getting close to claiming another casualty: research into life beyond planet Earth.

Video: Researcher Unearths Decades-Old Recording of 'Talking' Duck

A remarkable recording of a musk duck uttering the phrase "you bloody fool" has amazed researchers as it is reportedly the first documentation of such a creature demonstrating the ability to mimic human speech.

Watch: Eerie 'Pillar of Light' Appears in Sky Over Chinese City

Travelers on an overpass in China were stopped in their tracks when they spotted what appeared to be an eerie pillar of light that mysteriously appeared in the sky.

Video: Virgin Mary Statue Left Standing Amid Hurricane Ida Destruction

A drone video showing the devastation left behind by Hurricane Ida features a rather remarkable detail in the form of a Virgin Mary statue that somehow managed to remain standing amid the storm.

Massive Hurricane Ida Seen From Space

The monstrous Hurricane Ida strengthened to a category 4 as it made landfall in Louisiana today. Earlier, NASA astronaut Megan McArthur captured images of the storm aboard the International Space Station.

Video: Quarter-Mile-Long Stretch of Bean Field in Minnesota...

A farmer in Minnesota was left scratching his head when a quarter-mile-long swath of his bean field mysteriously collapsed a staggering 25 feet and created an enormous ravine in the process.

Watch: Porcupine Bests Leopard in Odd Battle

In one of the weirder showdowns between two members of the animal kingdom, a pugnacious leopard wound up on the losing end of an odd battle with a porcupine in South Africa.

Single Lightning Strike Kills 550 Sheep

A bizarre case of mass carnage erupted on a mountain in the country of Georgia earlier this month when a single lightning bolt killed an astounding 550 sheep.

Video: 'Vegetarian' Giant Tortoise Spotted Hunting and Eating Baby Bird

For the first time ever, researchers have captured incredible footage of a giant tortoise hunting and eating a baby bird.

'Megadrought' Trailer

Guest on the 8/19/21 show, Steve Quayle shares a trailer for his new documentary, and a link depicting drought impact areas in the US.

Watch: Fish Mysteriously Plummets from Sky and Crashes onto Parked Car

An odd video from Virginia shows the moment when a sizeable fish mysteriously falls from the sky and crashes onto the roof of a parked car.

Watch: Video of Australian Teen Making Adorable Quokka Vape...

Authorities in Australia are on the hunt for a misguided teenager who made an adorable quokka smoke an e-cigarette and then foolishly posted footage of the cruel scene online.

Video: Monstrous Ancient 'Dragon' Discovered

Researchers in Australia have discovered the remains of an ancient and rather monstrous-looking flying reptile that has been likened to a dragon.

Watch: Moose Charges Hiker in Colorado

A jaw-dropping video from Colorado shows the moment when a massive bull moose suddenly decided to charge at a hiker who had stumbled upon the enormous creature in the woods.

Incredibly Rare Sumatran Striped Rabbit Rescued After Being...

Wildlife conservationists managed to rescue an incredibly rare Sumatran striped rabbit that had been showcased in a Facebook post by a farmer in Indonesia who was trying to sell the unique-looking creature.

Chipmunks Test Positive for Bubonic Plague

Officials in California shut down recreational sites in South Lake Tahoe this week after a dead chipmunk infected with bubonic plague was found.

Watch: 'Flying Saucer' Filmed in Alaska

A cool video from a national park in Alaska shows what appears to be some kind of flying saucer hovering over water, but the 'alien craft' is actually an optical illusion.

Video: NOAA Research Vessel Spots 'SpongeBob and Patrick' on...

A NOAA research vessel operating off the coast of New England spotted a strange scene that looked like a cartoon come to life in the form of a sizeable sponge and a small pink starfish sitting alongside each other in a manner resembling iconic...

Video: Massive Star Sapphire Cluster Worth $100 Million Found...

Workers digging a well in the backyard of a home in Sri Lanka unearthed an enormous star sapphire cluster that is estimated to be worth a staggering $100 million.

Rare Two-Headed Sea Turtle Found on Beach in South Carolina

A rather rare two-headed sea turtle was recently discovered on a beach in South Carolina.

Watch: Epic Monkey War Erupts in Thai City

A city in Thailand saw traffic come to a sudden halt when the streets were overrun by an epic battle that unfolded between rival gangs of monkeys.

Alaska Man Rescued Following Bizarre Week-Long Battle with Grizzly Bear

A man in Alaska was rescued after enduring a nightmarish week-long battle with a grizzly bear that had attacked him multiple times.

Chimps Observed Lethally Attacking Gorillas in the Wild for...

For the first time ever, a community of chimpanzees were observed lethally attacking a troop of gorillas in the wild.

California Drought Sparks Dowsing Boom

An extreme drought currently impacting California has resulted in big business for practitioners of the ancient art of dowsing.

Watch: Mosquito 'Tornado' in Siberia

The Siberian Times' Twitter feed shares footage of a 'tornado' of swarming mosquitoes on the eastern coast of the Kamchatka peninsula.

Watch: Rarely Seen 'Glass Octopus' Caught on Film in Pacific Ocean

Scientists aboard a research vessel on an expedition in the Pacific Ocean captured rare footage of a breathtaking glass octopus swimming in the wild.

Video: Dwarf Cow in Bangladesh Becomes Big Star

A dwarf cow in Bangladesh has become a sensation in the country as thousands of people have flocked to the farm where it lives in order to see the shockingly small creature.


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