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Monkeys Steal Covid-19 Samples from Lab Worker in Indiapicture

Monkeys Steal Covid-19 Samples from Lab Worker in India

Reminiscent of the beginnings of an apocalyptic science fiction film, a troop of monkeys in India attacked a lab worker and made off with blood samples from COVID-19 patients.

Categories: Current Events/Economy, Nature, Environment & Earth Changes

Hoping to Obtain Superpowers, Bolivian Boys Let Black Widow...

In a bizarre story out of Bolivia, a trio of children required hospitalization after they let a black widow spider bite them in an attempt to acquire superpowers.

Video: Massive Mammoth Graveyard Found in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico are celebrating an enormous find in the form of a massive mammoth graveyard containing the fossilized remains of around sixty of the ancient creatures.

CDC Issues Warning About 'Aggressive' Rats

In a development that is entirely in keeping with the nightmare that has been 2020, the Center for Disease Control has issue a worrisome warning for people to be on guard against what they describe as 'aggressive behavior' from rats.

Spanish Newscast 'UFO' Identified

The mystery of an odd UFO spotted zipping through the sky on a Spanish television newscast has been solved.

Watch: Ominous Sandstorm Sweeps Over Niger Capital City

An enormous sandstorm swept over the capital city of Niger earlier this week and briefly turned the sky an unsettling blood red color.

Watch: Massive Flock of Migratory Birds Appears on Weather Radar

A weather radar in southern Florida picked up a rather wondrous sight in the form of a massive flock of birds that resembled a colorful storm.

Video: Bizarre Bug Baffles Georgia Woman

A woman in Georgia was left scratching her head when she stumbled upon a bizarre-looking insect that she likened to a "huge mutant dragonfly."

Watch: Voracious Sinkhole Filmed in Kenya

A captivating video out of Kenya shows a voracious sinkhole devouring massive chunks of land and grass.

Video: 'Murder Hornets' Arrive in America

Scientists are sounding the alarm after an invasive species of insect, which some experts call 'murder hornets,' have been found in the United States for the first time.

Video: 'Ghost Ship' Spotted in New Zealand

A beachgoer in New Zealand was left scratching her head when she spotted what appeared to be a ghost ship floating over the water.

Watch: Thousands of Fish Wash Ashore on Beach Near Acapulco

A weird incident in Mexico saw thousands of fish wash ashore near Acapulco and residents rushed to the location to scoop up the unexpected feast.

Knapp's News 4/26/20

George Knapp shares a number of items of recent interest.

Watch: Glowing Dolphins Play in Bioluminescent Waves

A man on a dolphin sighting tour earlier this week spotted a glowing pod splashing through the waters of Newport Beach.

Watch: Hungry Condors Eye Poodles

A wild video out of Chile shows a pair of massive condors sizing up a group of frightened poodles that were, fortunately, protected by a window.

Watch: Monkey Spotted Flying a Kite

A bizarre piece of footage from India shows a monkey perched atop a building and flying a kite!

Two-Headed Goat Born in Wisconsin

A family farm in Wisconsin has a wondrous addition to their livestock collection in the form of a two-headed goat that eats with both of its mouths.

'Highly Unusual' Zonkey Born in Kenya

The staff of a wildlife conservation area in Kenya were amazed to discover that a zebra-donkey hybrid, known as a zonkey, had been born at the site.

Himalayas Seen from India for the First Time in 30 Years Due...

Residents of a northern region of India were amazed last week when they woke up and realized that parts of the Himalayan mountain range had become visible to them for the first time in decades thanks to a downturn in air pollution brought about...

Landslide Reveals Mysterious Medieval Shrine Near Railroad in England

Railroad workers surveying the aftermath of a landslide near a tunnel going through a hill in England were stunned to discover that the event inadvertently revealed a mysterious cave that experts believe was once a Medieval shrine.

Odd Sea Creature Filmed Near Australia

Scientists studying marine life off the coast of Australia were surprised to spot a massive string-like sea creature known as a siphonophore

Unsettling 'Venom' Slime Caught on Film

A bizarre piece of footage featuring a slimy black creature undulating on a rock has captured the imagination of the internet thanks to its unsettling resemblance to the sinister symbiote from the film Venom.

Ecuador's Tallest Waterfall Vanishes

An enormous waterfall in Ecuador has disappeared due to a sinkhole that disrupted the flow of the river feeding into the iconic location.

Watch: Seven Dazzling New Peacock Spider Species Discovered

A scientist in Australia has identified seven new peacock spider species including one which bears an uncanny resemblance to Van Gogh's iconic painting Starry Night.

Two-Headed Snake Born in Australia

A worker from an Australian veterinary clinic got quite the surprise when he removed a snake from a home and the creature gave birth to a two-headed offspring in his car.

Knapp's News 3/22/20

George Knapp shares a number of recent items of interest, including coronavirus stories.

Hard Hat Lost in Mississippi River Found in Ireland Five Years Later

A hard hat that was lost in the Mississippi River back in 2005 is set to be reunited with its owner after the headgear was found thousands of miles away on a beach Ireland earlier this month.

Video: Bizarre Bug Filmed in Costa Rica

A woman walking through a forest in Costa Rica was left scratching her head when she stumbled upon a bizarre stick-like creature lurking on a tree branch.

Eerie Cloud Filmed in Rhode Island

A breathtaking video from Rhode Island features an enormous and rather ominous-looking cloud looming in the sky.

Watch: Massive Monkey Brawl Erupts Over Food in...

A jaw-dropping video from Thailand provides a chilling example of how the coronavirus has spawned chaos in unexpected ways as it shows an enormous group of monkeys accustomed to eating handouts from tourists now forced to fight for a meager scrap of food.


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