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Iceland Says 'Send Us Your Screams'picture

Iceland Says 'Send Us Your Screams'

An Icelandic tourism group has devised a clever ad campaign that encourages people frustrated by the coronavirus pandemic to send them recordings of their screams which will then be broadcast throughout the picturesque country.

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Ukrainian Woman Comes Back to Life Ten Hours After Being Declared Dead

Doctors in Ukraine were stunned when an elderly woman who had been declared dead ten hours earlier came back to life and shared an amazing story of journeying to the 'other side.'

New Interview with George Noory

In their January issue, Masters of Health magazine has declared George Noory to be their "Renaissance Man of the New Age."

Video: Doctors in India Remove 526 Teeth From Boy's Mouth

Doctors in India treating a seven-year-old boy for a strangely swollen jaw were astounded to find that he had a tumor which contained 526 teeth!

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Knapp's News 11/26/17

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

First Human Head Transplant Surgery Said to be a Success

A controversial Italian professor claims that he and a team of scientists have successfully performed the first-ever human head transplant.

RIP Joyce Riley

Registered nurse, advocate for Gulf War veterans, and longtime C2C guest Joyce Riley has passed away.

Video: 5 Baffling Medical Mysteries

While television may make it seem like it takes only an hour to solve a medical mystery, there are some puzzling conditions which remain 'to be continued.'

Bosnian Healer Licks Eyeballs

An elderly woman in Bosnia has developed a reputation as a healer in her community via her bizarre practice of licking eyeballs clean and sometime curing them of ailments.

Odd Cell Phone Habit Causes Temporary Blindness

A pair of women in the UK appear to have made dubious medical history as their temporary blindness was determined to be a previously unseen condition caused by cell phones!

Dental Surgery Gives TX Woman a British Accent!

A seemingly routine dental surgery left a woman in Texas with a bizarre brain disorder causing her to speak in a British accent!

Could Bizarre Cricket Farm Solve World Hunger?

A New York-based think tank of architects and ecologists have devised a unique way of solving food shortages in the form of a futuristic cricket farm.

'Gang Stalking' in the Spotlight

A growing number of people throughout the United States believe they are victims of a vast conspiracy which sees them targeted by nefarious forces trying to drive them insane.

Secret Meeting Discusses Synthetic Humans

The idea of creating a human out of chemicals in a lab may sound unsettling, but what may be more worrisome is that experts recently held a secret meeting to discuss the possibility.

The Bizarre Case of the 'Solar Kids'

A pair of young boys in Pakistan have become afflicted with a confounding condition that has doctors baffled.

Are Rich Americans Getting Secret Brain Implants?

An unorthodox presidential candidate is making some strange claims surrounding wealthy Americans and clandestine brain implant technology.

Zika Virus Outbreak Spawns Conspiracy Theories

Much to the chagrin of scientists and skeptics, the Zika virus outbreak has caused new conspiracy theories surrounding the illness to crop up across the Internet.

UK Girl Amazes Doctors Due to 'Bionic' Condition

A seven year old girl in England has been called 'bionic' by doctors due to her unique medical condition that prevents her from feeling hunger, tiredness, and pain.

Zika Virus Has Health Officials Concerned

The first-ever detection of an obscure but emerging virus in Texas has health officials concerned that it could signal the start of an outbreak in America.

Have Scientists Found the First Anti-Aging Drug?

Clinical trials will soon be underway to see if a common drug for diabetes may actually slow down the aging process and allow people to live a whopping 120 years. More here.

Psychic Robot Can Guess Intentions Based On Movement

Scientists say they've developed an AI robotic system that can predict what you intend to do - by analyzing the movements of your body.

European Union Nations Say No To GMO

The majority of EU Nations have asked to opt out from allowing Monsanto to cultivate their genetically modified crops.

Warning: You're Probably Washing Your Hands Wrong

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but the way we wash our hands is certainly not going to destroy many germs. Despite the national preoccupation with staying germ-free, especially during flu season, microbial expert Dr. Bill Miller told C2C...

Knapp's News 7/19/15

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention, including an article about pharmaceutical companies' payments to doctors

In the News 3/22/15

Today's news stories include articles about advances in AI that will lead to universal translators, a pill that let's you feel another person's pain, and a woman who claims she has recorded actual poltergeist activity in her home.

In the News 3/19/15

Today's stories include an in-depth look at the science of near-death experiences, a perplexing flashing light seen in Russian skies, and a possible explanation for Ceres' mysterious bright spots

In the News 3/8/15

Today's news stories include articles about a study that may prove awareness continues after death, a new treatment that can turn brown eyes blue, and a man who can get drunk eating French fries.

Knapp's News 5/18/14

George Knapp shares a number of items of recent interest, including his I-Team reports on Bob Lazar, 25 years later.

Knapp's News 2/16/14

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention, including an article about how nuclear bombs could save Earth from asteroids.


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