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California Drought Sparks Dowsing Boompicture

California Drought Sparks Dowsing Boom

An extreme drought currently impacting California has resulted in big business for practitioners of the ancient art of dowsing.

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'Tragic Fate Ball' Predicts Your Demise

A macabre twist on the Magic 8 Ball known as the 'Tragic Fate Ball' has been invented by Stuart Gorman. His revision of the clairvoyant toy offers darkly humorous answers as to "how someone will die."

Haunted Village for Sale in Scotland

The ruins of a Scottish village said to be occupied by the ghost of a 17th-century prophetess is up for sale.

Psychic Medium Dispenses Ominous Advice to Disgruntled Customer

A British woman who found herself in a business dispute with a well-known psychic says that the clash culminated with the clairvoyant offering some rather unsettling advice which seemed to be an ominous warning about the future.

Florida Cops on the Hunt for Mysterious 'Witch' Accused of...

Authorities in Florida are searching for a mysterious woman who allegedly bilked $100,000 out of unsuspecting individuals in exchange for "witchcraft services."

Remote Viewing Experiment 3 - Mystery Object

During the 1/16/21 program, guest host Richard Syrett was invited by Douglas James Cottrell to remote view a mystery object sitting on his desk. This is the photo Cottrell provided of that object.

'Grand Warlock' of Mexico Issues Forecast for 2021

A colorful self-proclaimed clairvoyant in Mexico known as the country's 'Grand Warlock' has issued his forecast for 2021.

'Asparamancer' Reveals 2021 Forecast

A British psychic medium who has found fame by way of her purported ability to foresee the future using asparagus, of all things, has issued her forecast for 2021.

Iconic Irish Almanac That Predicted the Pandemic Issues 2021 Forecast

An iconic Irish almanac credited with having correctly predicted both the coronavirus pandemic and the results of the US presidential election has issued its forecast for 2021.

Futurists Predict the Decades Ahead

BuzzFeed's Mike Spohr recently polled various futurists on what changes we might expect throughout the rest of the 21st century. Here is a sampling of what they had to say about different sectors.

Video: Bear & Tigers from Russian Zoo Make US Election Prediction

In what may be the weirdest survey this election season, a trio of animals residing at a Russian zoo each independently picked former Vice President Joe Biden to win the 2020 Presidential Election.

Psychic in Texas Fails to Foresee Flood

The clairvoyant abilities of a psychic in Texas have been called into question after their truck was spotted being overwhelmed by a flood.

Viral Doomsday Theory Claims Mayan Calendar Actually Ends Next Week

A strange new theory circulating online argues that the Mayan Calendar did not actually come to an end eight years ago and, in fact, is actually set to conclude next week.

Did Psychic Sylvia Browne Predict the Coronavirus Pandemic...

Amid the ceaseless news coverage of the worrisome coronavirus crisis, a surprising name has emerged from the past to capture the attention of people online: the late psychic Sylvia Browne, who is being credited by some for predicting the pandemic...

Animal Kingdom Predicts the Super Bowl

As has become a tradition in the week before the Super Bowl, a veritable menagerie of animals at zoos and aquariums across the country have been enlisted to predict the winner of the big game.

Psychics Correctly Predict Where and When Missing Teen Would be Found

Much to the surprise of authorities in Kentucky, a group of psychics were seemingly able to correctly predict where and when a missing teen would be found.

'Grand Warlock' of Mexico Issues Forecast for 2020

A popular self-proclaimed psychic in Mexico known as the country's 'Grand Warlock' has issued his forecast for 2020.

'Asparamancer' Reveals 2020 Predictions

A psychic medium in England who claims to be able to predict the future using asparagus, of all things, has revealed her forecast for 2020.

Art Bell Vault: Classic NYE's Shows

This week we feature Art's classic 1999 New Year's celebration, and 'Farewell' show from 2002.

Blind Mystic's 'Predictions' for 2020

The purported 2020 predictions from a legendary blind mystic in Bulgaria have begun circulating online as the year comes to a close, though the veracity of these alleged visions is dubious at best.

'Psychic' Turtle for Sale in Russia

A Russian man claims that his pet turtle possesses psychic powers and he's hoping that someone will shell out big bucks to buy the animal.

North Korea Executes Fortune Tellers

As part of an unsettling crackdown on 'superstitious activities,' the North Korean government publicly executed a pair of fortune tellers.

Free Audio: Gerald Celente on Trends 2019

Enjoy this fascinating hour from a show we broadcast last month.

Super Bowl Predictions from Across the Animal Kingdom

With the Super Bowl only a few days away, zoos, farms, and sanctuaries across the country find themselves in the spotlight thanks to the odd annual tradition of eliciting a prediction for the big game from a creature with possible prognosticative powers.

'Asparamancer' Forecasts 2019

A psychic medium in England who forecasts the future using asparagus, of all things, has issued her predictions for 2019.

Blind Mystic's Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

Baba Vaga, known as the 'Nostradamus of the Balkans,' recorded prophecies that stir the imagination.

Video: Missing Medium Sends Eerie Message at Mine Shaft?

A television news crew investigating the case of a psychic medium who went missing in Colorado may have inadvertently received a message from the lost woman.

Psychic Helps Man Find Missing Father's Remains

A mystery that haunted a Long Island man for decades has seemingly been solved thanks to a psychic who helped him locate the remains of his missing father.

Free Audio: Evelyn Paglini with Art Bell

Listen to this intriguing hour when Art Bell was joined by Evelyn Paglini sharing dire predictions.

Animal Psychic's Vision of Lost Dogs' Odd Location is Uncanny

An animal communicator in Kentucky is being credited with having determined the location of a pair of lost dogs by way of a remarkably specific vision.


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