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Spirituality & Occult

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Friday Night Prayer Experiment to Eliminate COVID-19

Mar 25, 2020

On Friday's show, George will conduct a worldwide prayer to combat the deadly virus.

Video: Vicar Accidentally Catches on Fire While Filming Virtual Service

Mar 23, 2020

A vicar in England forced to hold his weekly service online due to the coronavirus crisis saw his broadcast interrupted when he accidentally set himself on fire!

'Cursed' Doll Found in Mexican River

Mar 5, 2020

Residents of a town in Mexico were left unsettled when a creepy-looking doll suspected of being cursed was pulled from a river.

Ukrainian Woman Comes Back to Life Ten Hours After Being Declared Dead

Feb 28, 2020

Doctors in Ukraine were stunned when an elderly woman who had been declared dead ten hours earlier came back to life and shared an amazing story of journeying to the 'other side.'

Cops Respond to Reports of Bizarre Roadkill Ritual in Wisconsin

Feb 26, 2020

In a very strange story out of Wisconsin, police officers responded to reports of a woman attempting to revive some roadkill by way of a bizarre ritual.

Video: Nightmarish Doll Found in Florida

Feb 24, 2020

A man walking along a beach in Florida was aghast when he stumbled upon a nightmarish doll sporting what appeared to be human teeth.

Video: Civil War-Era 'Witch Bottle' Unearthed in Virginia

Jan 27, 2020

An archaeological excavation of a Civil War outpost in Virginia led to the discovery of a rather curious artifact: a 'witch bottle' designed to ward off evil spirits.

Virgin Mary Statue Spotted 'Crying' at Church in Mexico

Jan 6, 2020

Parishioners at a church in Mexico were astounded during a New Year's Eve service when they noticed that a statue of the Virgin Mary kept behind a locked glass case had seemingly begun crying.

Spooky 'Demon Face' Spotted in Smoke From Australian Wildfires

Jan 3, 2020

An Australian dairy farmer fighting to save his property from the wildfires that have devastated the country snapped a spooky photo that seems to show a demonic face lingering in the smoke.

Palm Reader Allegedly Tricks Woman into Paying $70,000 for 'Demonic Exorcism'

Jan 3, 2020

A self-described 'psychic palm reader' in Massachusetts is accused of orchestrating an elaborate scheme in which she convinced a woman that her daughter was possessed by a demon and then had her to pay around $70,000 to remove the evil spirit.

Exorcists Slam 'Demonic' Children's Book

Dec 18, 2019

A group of exorcists are sounding the alarm over a children's book that teaches youngsters to summon demons.

Indonesian Cave Art Constitutes Oldest Human Depiction of Supernatural Beings

Dec 12, 2019

An intriguing ancient cave painting found in Indonesia is believed to be the oldest depiction of supernatural beings ever created by humans.

Video: Virgin Mary Leaves Rose Petals at Troubled Texas Restaurant?

Dec 6, 2019

The owner of a troubled restaurant in Texas believes that her business was visited by the Virgin Mary and that she left rose petals behind as a sign that she had been there.

Mozambique Man Accused of Using Sorcery to Cause Crocodile Attacks

Nov 25, 2019

In a strange story out of Mozambique, an elderly man has been driven from his village after neighbors claimed that he was a sorcerer who could control crocodiles.

Goblins Blamed for Series of Mysterious Deaths in Zimbabwe

Nov 19, 2019

In a truly strange story out of Zimbabwe, goblins have been blamed for a mysterious series of deaths that left a family decimated.

Video: Priest in Oregon Says Exorcisms Are 'Getting Darker'

Sep 27, 2019

A priest in Oregon who has performed hundreds of exorcisms says that the incidents are "getting darker."

Video: Virgin Mary Painting 'Cries' at Beleaguered Chicago Church

Sep 10, 2019

A church in Chicago on the precipice of foreclosure seemingly received a supportive message from above when a painting of the Virgin Mary at the building began inexplicably crying over the weekend.

Watch: Fake Visionary Busted in Texas?

Aug 27, 2019

In a bizarre story out of Texas, an alleged visionary who claims to receive messages from the Virgin Mary and other spiritual figures has been deemed a fake by Church officials following the release of a rather damning piece of security footage.

Video: Temple in Japan Has Robot Priest

Aug 15, 2019

In an effort to appeal to a younger generation, a temple in Japan has enlisted the help of a robot priest.

Mass Hysteria Grips Indonesian School

Aug 11, 2019

A private girl’s school in Indonesia was filled with screaming students.

Siberian Man Successfully Sues Psychics for Failing to Magically Save His Marriage

Jul 30, 2019

A heartbroken husband in Siberia successfully sued a group of alleged psychics after their 'magical powers' failed to reunite him with his estranged wife.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley Free Audio Tribute

Jul 24, 2019

As a tribute to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who recently passed on, an interview on black mirror scrying.

Priest Plans to Exorcise Entire City

Jul 10, 2019

In response to an unsettling increase in violent crime in his community, a bishop in Colombia plans to perform a mass exorcism on the entire city.

New Study Finds 10% of People Report NDEs

Jun 30, 2019

Researchers gleaned the intriguing data from participants in 35 countries.

Fatima Relics Stolen from Italian Church

May 31, 2019

In an unfortunate story out of Italy, a pair of relics that once belonged to two of the children at the center of the famed Fatima event have been stolen from a church.

'Angelic Figure' Photographed in the Sky Over Argentina

May 16, 2019

A remarkable photograph taken in Argentina appears to show a a giant angelic figure hovering in the sky.

'Face of Jesus' Spotted on Tree Trunk

May 13, 2019

A British man chopping wood in his backyard could not believe his eyes when he noticed what appears to be the face of Jesus on one of the pieces of would-be kindling.

Video: Stranded Swimmers' Prayers Answered by Boat Named 'Amen'

May 3, 2019

In a remarkable story out of Florida, a pair of teenagers who got stranded out at sea during a swimming excursion gone wrong found their prayers for help answered by a boat bearing the name 'Amen.'

Video: 'Jesus' Spotted in Notre Dame Fire

Apr 18, 2019

A Scottish woman believes that she spotted Jesus in the flames of the inferno that engulfed the Notre Dame cathedral on Monday.

Free Audio: Practical Occultism

Apr 10, 2019

This fascinating hour from 2017 features author and occult expert Mitch Horowitz.