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Spirituality & Occult

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Live Chat with George Noory and Karen A. Dahlman

Feb 12, 2018

Coast Insiders, on Tuesday night, join George and guest Karen A. Dahlman for a Live Chat.

Witch Doctor in Uganda Uses Snake to Track Down Suspected Thief

Feb 1, 2018

A self-proclaimed shaman in Uganda is being credited with solving a robbery, although the true gumshoe may actually have been a snake.

Evidence Against Witch Doctor in Nairobi Mysteriously Vanishes

Jan 23, 2018

An accused witch doctor in Nairobi may find a way to beat the charges after evidence of his alleged sorcery mysteriously disappeared from a police station.

Mass Trial Sees 97 Convicted of Sorcery-Related Murders

Jan 17, 2018

An astounding 97 people in Papa New Guinea were found guilty of murder in a mass trial resulting from a jaw-dropping 2014 rampage.

Witch Doctor Finds 'Mystery Creature' Under Bridge in Kenya

Jan 11, 2018

In a bizarre story out of Kenya, a self-described medicine man purportedly thwarted a mysterious creature said to be the cause of numerous car accidents on an infamous bridge.

Occult Calls Plague Malaysian Cops

Jan 8, 2018

Authorities in Malaysia say that calls concerning magic spells, mediums, and other occult matters are overwhelming police.

'Sorcery Stoppers' Formed in India

Jan 5, 2018

Due to an unsettling increase in 'sorcery incidents,' a community in India is creating 'rapid response teams' to quickly squash cases of superstition that threaten to turn ugly.

Pope Francis Shares Worrisome Warning About Satan

Dec 13, 2017

In an interview with a Catholic media outlet, Pope Francis provided some unnerving insight into the nature of Satan.

Video: Mass Hysteria Erupts at School in Argentina

Nov 30, 2017

Nearly a dozen teenage girls at a school in Argentina were spellbound by some kind of unsettling mass hysteria that left teachers and parents scratching their heads.

'Invincibility Ritual' Injures Seven

Nov 29, 2017

Seven men in Indonesia who thought they were being instructed on how to become invincible wound up learning a lesson on trusting strangers who make sensational promises.

Live Chat with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Nov 27, 2017

Coast Insiders, don't miss our Live Chat with author and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley this Tuesday night at 8p PT/11p ET.

Thai Village Grapples with Ghost

Nov 7, 2017

A series of strange deaths over the last week have left a village in Thailand suspecting that a notorious ghost may be lurking in their community.

Young Man in Russia Claims to be a Reincarnated Martian

Nov 7, 2017

A young man in Russia has become somewhat of a sensation thanks to his claims that he can recall living on Mars in a past life.

Watch: Woman Gets Possessed at Religious Festival in Thailand?

Nov 3, 2017

A perplexing video from a religious festival in Thailand may show one of the attendees becoming possessed!

Halloween Gallery Submissions

Oct 18, 2017

For Halloween 2017, we're seeking your spookiest artwork for a special C2C Gallery.

Trailer for the Documentary "Fatima"

Oct 11, 2017

Wednesday night guest L.A. Marzull shares a trailer for his new documentary, Fatima.

Malawi Vampire Panic Rattles UN

Oct 10, 2017

The ongoing hysteria in Malawi surrounding mysterious 'blood sucker' entities has reached such a fevered pitch that the United Nations has been forced to relocate some its staff in the country.

Black Cats Keep Mysteriously Vanishing in England

Oct 5, 2017

An unsettling seven black cats have mysteriously gone missing from a pair of neighboring communities in England and some residents suspect that witchcraft could be to blame.

Ghost-to-Ghost Submissions

Oct 4, 2017

Send us your spookiest ghost story for our special Ghost-to-Ghost show on Tuesday, Oct. 31st.

Creepy Hex Lands Tokyo Man in Jail

Oct 2, 2017

Tired of always hearing children playing at an elementary school near his home, a Tokyo man resorted to a drastic measure to quiet the kids: a curse!

Indian State Bans 'Black Magic'

Sep 28, 2017

In response to what is seen as a troubling rise in occult practices, a state in India has passed an expansive law which bans a vast array of black magic rituals.

Panel Discussion: UFOs, Aliens, & Biblical Prophecy with Richard Syrett, L.A. Marzulli, & Ali Siadatan

Sep 26, 2017

Coast Insiders, don't miss our Panel Discussion this Wednesday night at 8p PT/11p ET.

Crocodile Kills Shaman in Indonesia

Sep 20, 2017

A purported shaman in Indonesia who claimed to have supernatural powers that allowed him to control crocodiles lost his life when one of the creatures called him on his bluff.

Exorcist Says 'The End' is Near

Sep 15, 2017

An exorcist in Italy is raising eyebrows due to a number of worrisome statements in which he muses that the world is coming to an end.

Family Spots Jesus' Face in Cloud

Sep 15, 2017

A family visiting a holy site in Ireland were amazed when they spotted what appears to be the face of Jesus in the clouds captured in a group photo.

Hundreds Gather in Germany Hoping for a Marian Apparition

Sep 14, 2017

A tiny village in Germany was visited by nearly 1,000 religious pilgrims hoping to experience a Marian apparition and some believe that they did.

Mysterious 'Devil's Letter' Decoded

Sep 7, 2017

An eerie 17th century letter that was written in code by a nun said to be possessed by the devil has allegedly been deciphered.

Exorcist Issues Warning About 'Illuminati' Rosary Beads

Sep 5, 2017

In a strange story out of the Philippines, a Catholic priest is warning parishioners that 'Satanic' rosary beads are being given out by the Illuminati!

Couple Believes Baby's Sonogram Shows Jesus' Face

Aug 25, 2017

A Pennsylvania couple believes that their impending baby girl is being watched over by a divine force after a sonogram image of the child seemed to show Jesus' face.

Ghost Panic Erupts at Garment Factory in Cambodia

Aug 8, 2017

Nearly three dozen workers at a garment factory in Cambodia needed medical treatment after hysteria over a ghost spread among the employees.

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