Carl L. Johnson

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Carl L. Johnson has been investigating reports of strange phenomena for the past 47 years, beginning with his association with noted ghost-hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. As members of a team based at Rhode Island College, Carl and his identical twin brother Keith were called in to investigate the Perron family's situation in Harrisville, Rhode Island during August and September of 1973 and they alerted the Warrens to the situation. Forty years later, this inspired a motion picture titled, The Conjuring. Specializing as a demonologist, Carl continues his exploration of the preternatural through the research unit Panorama Paranormal.


Past shows:

Applied Demonology / Psychic Visions & Angels

Demonologists James Annitto and Carl L. Johnson talked about the nature of demons and their paranormal investigations. Followed by Nicky Alan on her psychic mediumship and angel communications. More »


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