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Charles Cosimano

Charles Cosimanopicture


Charles W. Cosimano, otherwise known as Uncle Chucky, is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost experts on psionics. and a mad scientist in the radionics (electromagnetic therapy) world. He teaches people the reasons radionics work, its origins from Dr. Abrams and the future of radionics in everyday life. His books and devices focus on the principles and applicability of psionics, a science, he believes, will be a large part of our future technological advancement.



Past shows:

Radionics / Paranormal Entities

Charles W. Cosimano talked about using radionic devices to help solve problems. Adele Casales Rocha discussed eerie paranormal entities. More »

Last Night

Chris Bartel discussed his work at and photography of Skinwalker Ranch along with art gallery curator Taras W. Matla. Bob Gebelein presented his issues with mainstream science regarding subjects like reincarnation.

More »


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