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Radionics / Paranormal Entities

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Date Host Connie Willis
Guests Charles Cosimano, Adele Casales Rocha

Charles W. Cosimano is one of the foremost experts on psionics and radionics. He joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss the reasons radionics work, its origins, and how to use the tech to your advantage. Cosimano began with a history of the inventor of radionics, Dr. Albert Abrams, a physician in San Francisco in the early 20th century who developed a system using "radio frequencies that would counteract diseases." He died in 1924 and was branded a quack by the medical establishment. His device lived on and was embraced by a new generation of practitioners, although Cosimano added that most of them were not medical doctors and attempted to use the device as a healing aid, which he says is dangerous.

Cosimano believes that a radionics device "works as an extension of the operator" and should be employed as a way to invoke wishes or changes the user wants to occur. When he discovered radionics, Cosimano was in his 20s and used it as an aid to his work in ceremonial magic. His first device was built in a shoebox and connected to electrodes in a helmet. He asked it to put his "mind at the center of the universe." Cosimano said it worked and claimed he "had become God." Decrying those who charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for these devices, he said that anyone could build one for about $10. His main objective of getting information on these devices to the public, Cosimano shared, is to give people hope and show them that "this is how you do something in your life" to improve things. He summed up his philosophy in one sentence: "Don't be afraid."


Adele Casales Rocha began her paranormal research as a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in 2008 at the start of a UFO "flap" in Pennsylvania, where she described the situation as "one sighting and one encounter after another" through a period of two years. Based on her research, Rocha believes that paranormal entities "only come when they are invited by a very strong negative or positive force" and "enter our reality" when emotions are intense. While she spoke, Rocha described what appeared to be a triangular craft hovering near her home, which she said had "three white lights" at the corners and was "totally quiet."

Rocha discussed a singular case from the Philippines, which she personally investigated involving a winged entity that eventually drove a witness to madness and suicide. The case centered on a family in a rented house built on "unblessed" ground where Japanese soldiers were buried during WWII. Rocha said that a creature with a wingspan of about nine feet would appear in a tree and at the upstairs window. For much of the time, the sole witness was the father, but eventually, his wife saw the entity and said she made it disappear by brandishing a cross. The creature "hid its eyes" and "floated down to the ground" before vanishing. The witnesses said that they felt a "palpable anger and sadness coming from it."



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