Erik Rowton

Erik Rowton


Erik Rowton is a filmmaker, paranormal investigator, and writer. Born in the United States, a near-death experience at an early age acted as a catalyst for Erik’s interest in the paranormal. After meeting his future wife Laura and discovering a shared passion for all things unexplained, he cultivated his interest by co-founding The Paranormal Scholar in 2015, a YouTube channel and website dedicated to the objective exploration of anomalous phenomena.

More behind-the-scenes than his other half, Erik was responsible for the camera work and post-production of their 2019 feature documentary on survival, “In Search of the Dead”. Asides from “In Search of the Dead”, some of Erik’s most well-regarded work to date includes his investigative work and documentary on the Pentyrch UFO Incident, and coverage of paranormal experiences reported by the military.



Past Shows:

  • A Coroner's Diary / Pentyrch UFO Incident

    Donna Francart talked about investigating deaths as a deputy coroner, and her encounters with the spirits of the dead. Followed by Laura and Erik Rowton on the suppression of information about a UFO witnessed over Pentyrch, Wales.More »

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