Laura Rowton

Laura Rowton


Laura Rowton is a filmmaker, paranormal investigator, and writer. Born in the United Kingdom, she has nurtured a fascination for the bizarre and unexplained since an early age. Driven by a desire to bridge the gap between the high towers of academia and public interest in anomalous phenomena, in 2015 she co-founded The Paranormal Scholar, a YouTube channel and website dedicated to the objective exploration and comprehensive, yet accessible, presentation of the paranormal.

In 2017, she, together with her husband Erik, founded the film production company Ethereal Productions. Some of Laura’s most well-regarded work to date include her documentary on survival, “In Search of the Dead”, which features interviews with leading academics, and her investigative work and documentary on the Pentyrch UFO Incident.



Past Shows:

  • A Coroner's Diary / Pentyrch UFO Incident

    Donna Francart talked about investigating deaths as a deputy coroner, and her encounters with the spirits of the dead. Followed by Laura and Erik Rowton on the suppression of information about a UFO witnessed over Pentyrch, Wales.More »

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