Joseph Marino

Joseph Marino


World-renowned Shroud of Turin scholar Joseph Marino is the author of two books, more than 60 articles, and conference presentations on the Shroud, which many believe is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. A former Benedictine monk, Marino has studied every aspect of Shroud for more than 45 years and was involved in groundbreaking research, along with his late wife, Sue Benford, which convinced the late chemist Ray Rogers that the sample tested for the 1988 C-14 test was not representative of the whole cloth. That, in the eyes of many researchers, invalidated the medieval date assigned to it by the labs.



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    Benford and Marino have spent years studying the significance and the scientific background of the Shroud of Turin. They have repeatedly contacted the church authorities with their findings, without response, as yet. Why does the church want to keep this information secret?...More »

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