Randy Sutton

Randy Sutton


Randy Sutton's police career spanned three decades when he retired as a Field Lieutenant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. To this day he remains recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in department history with numerous awards for Lifesaving, Exemplary Service, and Valor. He is also one of America’s best-known officers having been featured on the popular reality show COPS, America’s Most Wanted and roles in films such as Casino, as well as appearances on television network and cable news as a commentator.

Randy is the critically acclaimed author of four books and has also written extensively on the topics of ethics, integrity, and leadership for national magazines. His newest venture is The Wounded Blue, created to assist law enforcement officers who are injured physically and psychologically to obtain the treatment and medical/financial benefits they are entitled to when they suffer line-of-duty injuries and to provide financial assistance as needed on a temporary basis.



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