Jerry Wills

Jerry Wills


Jerry Wills began his extraordinary life as a baby abandoned near a military base. As he grew, he discovered healing and intuitive abilities that would attract attention from organized religion and otherworldly beings. It took a near-fatal accident, complete with near-death experience and a miraculous healing, to finally set him upon the path to fulfill his destiny. As a child, Jerry Wills was aware of energy and how it moved through all things. Like most children, he had to learn to keep his unique gifts to himself. That is until a near-death experience in 1981 showed him how he was wasting his life and that he was being given a second chance. It took another 20 years for his abilities to be recognized and accepted. Now, people seek him out as he offers healing, classes, lectures and seeks to help others around the world.



Past Shows:

  • The Gift of Healing / Alien Revelations

    Jerry Wills discussed his gift of healing. Followed by intelligence veteran Robert Treat on various aliens and their agendas.More »
  • Ayahuasca Experiences

    Jerry Wills talked about his experiences with ayahuasca. Lori Williams on remote viewing a Sasquatch, and William Gazecki on Robert Van Den Broeke.More »
  • Mysterious Origins & Expeditions

    Jerry Wills discussed his origin from "somewhere else," meeting Pleiadians, and expeditions to South America. Samantha Ritchie on encounters with tiny beings.More »

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