Interpol Assassination Squads

Interpol Assassination Squads


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDavid Race Bannon

David Race Bannon appeared on Monday's night show with a shocking tale of being a member of an assassination squad employed by Interpol, the international law enforcement agency. As part of the Archangel division, it was his team's mission to investigate child trafficking rings, which have been associated with rape, murder and pornography. In addition to assassinating such traffickers on occasion, Bannon also outlined how they also used torture techniques on them to elicit information about the ring.

"We were associated with a very large organization. I'd like to pretend at least to myself that we were one step above being a hired hit man," Bannon said. Interpol has denied the existence of assassination squads and according to Bannon they have placed pressure on him to withdraw his book, Race Against Evil, from distribution. The book refers to the squad as "cleaners," who carried out their orders because it was considered the only way to crack open dire cases where children's lives were at stake. "By publishing this book, letting the world know if something were to happen to me, it would be confirmation that everything (in it) was true," Bannon said.

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