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    Author Wayne Green introduced David Booth, who had a series precognitive dreams that were documented by the FAA, in which he accurately foresaw a major plane crash in 1979. Last year Booth said he had a second set of dreams, foretelling a much greater disaster.

    Green pointed out that because Booth's prophetic dreams turned out to be true in the 1979 disaster, this lends weight and credibility to his current vision. What Booth dreamed in March 2003, on ten occasions, was a vision of seeing Earth from the perspective of space. He said he saw "a large dark planetary object" coming from under the Earth towards the South Pole. Then a huge decimating explosion took place over the western side of North America, followed by a "ripple" that traveled around the Earth. Booth added that the object was somewhere between the Earth and the Moon in size.

    By correlating cross-cultural, ancient and current data, he believes what he saw will take place in the 2004 time frame, as part of a series of events that is started by the June 8th "transit of Venus." Further he suggested that the world governments and the Vatican are already aware of the coming disaster, and he and Green suggested a range of survivalist techniques to prepare. The government, Booth added, will unleash a viral plague on humanity, shortly before the incident in order to cut down on the chaos that will ensue.

    The Flight 191 Crash: Precognitions & Hauntings

    One of the worst air disasters in American history occurred in May 1979 at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, when an American Airlines DC-10 jet experienced engine problems just as it was lifting off the ground. The plane flipped over and exploded on the runway, killing all 271 of its passengers.

    As reportedly featured in an Associated Press story, David Booth had phoned-in a disturbing dream to the FAA three days before the crash. He had correctly named both the airline and the plane, and the type of crash. "There was never any doubt to me that something was going to happen…It was like I was standing there watching the whole thing—like watching television," said Booth.

    Equally uncanny are the reports of hauntings and strange phenomena that occurred in the vicinity of the crash site. Des Plaines police officers initially began receiving reports of "odd bobbing white lights in the field where the aircraft went down," wrote Troy Taylor in the article Lingering Spirits of Flight 191. At first the officers thought they were the flashlights of "ghoulish souvenir hunters," though upon investigation the field was found to be deserted. Reports also came from residents of a nearby trailer park, where odd knocking and rapping sounds were heard at their doors and windows, but no one was ever there.

    Biometric Technology:

    First hour guest, Lauren Weinstein, the creator of the Privacy Forum, discussed biometric technology and its possible problems. Recently introduced at select airports, retinal scans are being used to confirm identification, and those that "pass" may be allowed to undergo lesser security checks. But Weinstein pointed out that in the new era of "disposable terrorists," some suspects might have clean records and slip past security. Database errors could also allow terrorists easier access.

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