The Supernatural

The Supernatural


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCharles A. Coulombe

Catholic journalist Charles Coulombe reminisced about the late Father Malachi Martin, as well as discussed angels, demons, the Devil, exorcism, and other "preternatural" topics.

According to Coulombe, Father Martin was a "theological liberal," who eventually came to believe in the Devil as a real being and in exorcism as a way to manage him and his demons (see Hostage to the Devil). Coulombe warned listeners to make their confessions before ever attending an exorcism, as the inhabiting demons will embarrass onlookers by enumerating each of their sins.

Coulombe also talked about vampires, fairies and witchcraft. He said there is "not a culture on Earth that does not have a belief in witchcraft." Coulombe explained that witchcraft involves selling one's soul to the Devil in order to gain power, and claims the Vatican archives contain purported contracts between Satan and the people who pledged him their eternal souls.

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