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Chicago UFOs & Sleep Talking

Date Tuesday - January 2, 2007
Host George Noory
Guests Open LinesSam Maranto

In a special evening of Open Lines, George created a hotline for those who've observed people talking in their sleep or done so themselves. One caller shared how he reportedly participated in a conversation with his barrack mates while he was sound asleep.

In the first hour, Sam Maranto, the Dir. of Illinois MUFON and UFO witness Don Wilkinson discussed Chicago area sightings, including the Nov. 7th incident at O'Hare Airport, which has recently garnered mainstream press. The witnesses are veteran employees of the airline industry, which lends the case additional credibility, noted Maranto. Wilkinson described videotaping a sighting near Chicago's Midway Airport in Oct. 2005. He saw three blinking red lights which he determined were coming from a large triangular craft. During the evening, callers shared their UFO sightings as well, with a focus on incidents in Illinois and Wisconsin.

George also conducted a contest, playing four clips from past shows, including segments with Dr. Morgus, JC, Bill Mumy, and Gary Busey. In a Fast Blast poll, the Morgus segment was voted the favorite, and the first four who voted for it, will be sent books by past C2C guests.

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