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    In our New Year's Day Special, George Noory welcomed various guests who shared their predictions for 2007. In order of appearance, here are some highlights:

    Psychic Joseph Jacobs:

    • 2007 will be a "heavy" year with many casualties as a result of war, climate and terrorism.
    • Jan. 31st through March 24th, the US economy will "hit a wall" as well as in September and October.
    • Florida will have problems during Sept/Oct.
    • Japan could have water problems such as a tsunami during the May 15th through Oct. 17th period.
    • China could show a belligerent side involving military activity from the end of February through April 1st.
    • A lot more info about UFOs will be revealed in 2007.

    Paul Guercio and Dr. George Hart of the Merlin Project:

    • Russia will be making a resurgence; China can dictate the strength of the U.S. dollar.
    • The lull in terrorism will change most likely in 2007.
    • John Edwards (with Barack Obama as his VP), Gov. Mitt Romney, and Mike Bloomberg (running under a third-party) are the likely Presidential candidates in the '08 race. Hillary Clinton's campaign will collapse.

    Numerologist Glynis McCants:

    • 2007, a "9" year, is about true communication. It's a better year to talk things through than 2006, with more accountability.
    • Celebrity couples Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban and Julia Roberts & Danny Moder could have problems because they have "toxic" numbers.
    • New personal year cycles begin with the start of 2007.

    Seer and astropsychologist Dr. Louis Turi:

    • 2007 will be one of the most shocking years for natural disasters, quakes and volcanoes.
    • Devastating earthquakes in the US/Asia in February and August 2007.
    • Scary news concerning US nuclear plants will arise, with a possible accident.
    • Airlines will merge, as well as TV networks.
    • A new bacterial disease will hit in March.
    • Children will be more susceptible to negative forces and illnesses.
    • An increase in heart attacks will occur, triggering new surgical & medical treatments.
    • Specific dates of concern for January:
    • Jan. 3rd-- shocking bad news, Jan. 12th, Jan. 19th
    • Specific dates of concern for February: Feb. 1st/ 9th/ 17th/ & 28th

    Intuitive Sean David Morton:

    • 2007 will see a great division between people listening to their inner voice and those that don't.
    • The Dow Jones will go over 13,000 but this is being driven by only 30 companies that are merging and buying each other out. This is not a good thing for the economy, and it will precede a global collapse.
    • The US inflation rate will hit 20-25%. After the US dollar is devalued, the Amero, a currency for use in the US, Canada and Mexico will be introduced.

    Astrologist Susan Miller:

    • Each new year offers different opportunities and cycles for the individual Zodiac signs.
    • Sagittarius is the celestial favorite until Dec. 17, 2007, when Capricorn moves into Jupiter and becomes the new favorite.
    • Pisces and Virgo could have big shifts and challenges this year.

    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente:

    • 'Medical Tourism' in which Americans are increasingly going overseas for medical treatment (especially dental and plastic surgery) will continue to grow this year.
    • There are entrepreneurial opportunities for Americans in China, which still looks towards the US for innovation.
    • An 'Internet candidate' for President could rise to prominence in 2007.

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