Electronic Voice Phenomena

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Electronic Voice Phenomena

About the show

Filling in for George Noory, Art Bell was joined by Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath, of the Ghost Investigators Society, who presented a collection of newly recorded ghost voices, known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). The pair, who noted that this is their 10th year appearing on Coast, shared a plethora of sound clips that were played throughout the night and included chilling recordings of a crying baby, a singing woman, and even an EVP left on an answering machine.

One spooky exchange, captured at a Civil War battleground in Tennessee, saw the investigator ask for a ghost to stand in front of his camera. Following the request, a voice asks "why, because there's a bullet in it?" Cook speculated that perhaps the entity thought the camera was a gun because, when it was alive, it had never seen a camera. Another EVP contained an investigator asking to hear from a ghost and the voice of a child plaintively responds "please talk to us." The duo noted that this sense of frustration coming from the spirits is a common attribute of these recordings, since the entities appear to be trying to communicate in real-time but the investigators do not hear them until later when the tape is played.

Perhaps the most compelling clip of the evening contained both ghostly sounds heard by Cook on location as well as what appear to be animal noises that surfaced when he played the tape back later. During the incident, Cook, who was alone inside of a house, heard footsteps on the floor above him. Leaving the recorder on the first floor, he went upstairs to investigate. At that point, a crash can be heard, followed by a sound resembling a pig squealing. Returning to the first floor, he remarks that there was nothing going on upstairs. As soon as he says that, the footsteps became a loud banging sound. Cook remarked that he rarely feels uncomfortable on an investigation, but "this one freaked me out. I did not like this."

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