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    Writer and physicist Russell Targ discussed his role in creating the Remote Viewing program at the Stanford Research Institute during the Cold War, as well his work with psychics and ESP research. "ESP is independent of space and time," and it's non-analytical, i.e. people give descriptions of what they see rather than what it means, he explained. Targ developed ESP experiments in which subjects described outdoor places, as opposed to JB Rhine's well-known ESP testing using cards with different symbols. Targ currently offers an iPhone app called ESP Trainer that he said will help people hone their psychic skills.

    Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) can be used for prediction such as in a horse race or the stock market, by having different specific targets or objects represent various outcomes. In his workshops, Targ said he teaches people to help "separate the psychic signal from the mental noise." Stop thinking and "look for the surprising images that appear in your awareness," he continued. He instructs people to draw the surprising image, and not to guess what it is or name it. Often people do quite well with this approach and have their first psychic experience, he added.

    Psychics/remote viewers such as Ingo Swann and Pat Price have demonstrated amazing psychic feats, Targ recounted. Swann foresaw an event four days into the future, a Chinese atomic bomb test, when given specific coordinates by the CIA. The late Price correctly ID'd Patty Hearst's kidnapper before he was known, and pointed out where his car would be.

    Economic Commentary

    First hour guest, financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts talked about the US Postal Service considering layoffs and cutbacks, as well general economic news. Proprietary trading is taking down countries, she commented. "Greece is basically being hit as an economic matter by the banks and hedge funds...they've stopped being banks and just started being predators."


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    An excerpt from a 1983 NOVA special on ESP & remote viewing features an interview with Russell Targ. Watch/download the clip on Google Video.

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