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NDEs & Open Lines

Date Friday - September 2, 2011
Host George Noory
Guests Open LinesKathy Baker

George Noory welcomed near death experiencer Kathy Baker, who shared what she believes happened during the 8-minute period she was clinically dead. Baker explained that her epidural anesthetic had been accidentally inserted into a vein and had caused her heart to stop. "I knew I was going to die and I thought to myself, 'This is what it's like?'," she added. Baker recalled popping up above the operating table and looking down on her lifeless body as the crash team scrambled to resuscitate her. Brilliant silver cords were attached to each person's solar plexus, connecting them to one another, and the presence of an "absolute, pure loving God" could be felt, she noted.

After crossing over into the light, Baker remembered being surrounded by beautiful green pastures filled with running dogs, and a feeling of absolute freedom and contentment. She reported seeing souls standing in line waiting to once again be born into the earth plane. Baker said she did not understand why anyone would want to leave but came to know that it was necessary for the soul to continue growing. She described an encounter with a beautiful young woman "beaming with love and light" who identified herself as her grandmother and warned her of the folly of suicide. Baker claims to have returned from her NDE with enhanced psychic abilities. The economy will continue its downturn, ultimately worsening to 1929 Great Depression levels, and there will be a worldwide awakening of the human soul and spirit, she predicted.


During Open Lines, Janet in Ogden, Utah, shared the touching story of her 5-year-old adopted son, now deceased, who claimed he could travel through time and space, and actually proved it to her. One day the young boy asked her to concentrate on his sister in Costa Rica. According to Janet, they both saw her doing the same thing—climbing a mountain with a group of people. Two days later Janet said she received a call from her daughter confirming that she had indeed been hiking with friends. Janet also recounted tales of her son's extraordinary spiritual experiences and how he finally passed on.

William from Copperas Cove, Texas, told George about a near death experience he had when he was seventeen. William said he attempted suicide by taking an overdose of prescription medication and slipped into a coma. He recalled being in his grandmother's garden, where he felt calm and at peace. When he awakened, his mother told him that he had been speaking about his grandmother the whole time he was unconscious.

Notorious repeat caller and self-proclaimed ten-star general of God, J.C. phoned in from a sleazy hotel to announce that he had finally caught Edna Pringle, a former associate who escaped his compound several years ago. J.C. said he captured his wayward companion after conducting a sting operation involving rock 'n' roll music and drugs. She is currently being decommissioned and reprogrammed, he said. J.C. railed against failed prophet Harold Camping, agreed to take a few calls with George, and revealed that he believes malevolent spirits roam the earth.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros / Greg Hunter



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