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Date Host George Noory
Guests Mitch Battros, Barbara Pomar

In the first half, author and researcher Mitch Battros discussed solar flares, climate change, and the Earth’s core and magnetic field. There's something going on that no one can quite put their finger on, he commented-- flares rated as an M1 or M5 seem to have the higher impact of an X flare. "That correlation is transferring to the Earth's core and that's what's causing these earth changing events such as earthquakes and volcanoes, including hurricanes and extreme weather of all types," he said. During the last two years, a stream of charged particles emitted from the center of the galaxy has been affecting our sun, and in turn the Earth and its core, he added.

He spoke about the effects of the weakening of Earth's magnetic field-- one possible scenario from this would be the extinction of various species, starting with migratory birds. This weakening allows for an increase of charged particles (radiation) from cosmic rays, gamma rays, and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) and solar flares to hit the Earth. However, what we are witnessing are natural cyclical events which our planet has seen many times before, and was observed by ancient peoples, he pointed out. Battros also touched on such topics as glacier activity, supervolcano calderas, and solar filaments. For more, check out the graphic below.


In the latter half, spiritual explorer, and practicing regressionist for almost 40 years, Barbara Pomar, talked about reincarnation, and how we can uncover our other lives and use that information to change the climate of our present reality. Her research led her to conclude that, in a sense, all past and future lives co-exist in the now, so she refers to "other lives" instead of past lives. "Each moment of time, you can change your future and change your present," by choosing to be the person you want to be, and not let circumstances entirely control you, she explained.

Pomar detailed her hypnotic regression technique which involves the use of a "bridge" such as a recurring phrase, thought, or emotion. She seeks to rid her clients of unwanted fears and attachments, through the recall of their other lives, and the associated release of stored emotions. She spoke of death as a temporary veil we go through-- people who have undergone regressions describe death as just another event. Upon death, people eventually go into another dimension, meet others who have passed, and start preparing for their next life, if they choose," she reported.

News segment guests: Stan Deyo - Related graphic, Rhettman Mullis



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Mitch Battros shares a graphic in tandem with the 11/26/12 show. He explains the image: "Charged particles heat the Earth's core; the Earth's core will compensate by extinguishing heat via mantle plumes. This causes tectonic to plates shift causing earthquakes and volcanoes, then the process occurs all over again."

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