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Big Brother is Watching You

Date Saturday - December 22, 2012
Host John B. Wells
Guests Mark Dice

Troublemaker out to expose the abuses of the New World Order, Mark Dice discussed how these sinister forces are using evasive technologies to monitor our every move. "It's a scary Christmas and an Orwellian new year, as the dystopian world view of George Orwell's imagination is unfortunately virtually here," Dice said. The popular gifts this season—televisions, smart phones, and tablet computers—are essentially replicas of the telescreens from Orwell's 1984, he noted. In that novel, telescreens are used by a tyrannical government to watch and control every person. According to Dice, almost any electronic device with a camera and microphone can be hacked and activated remotely to monitor the user.

As an example, Dice pointed to a school that spied on its own students via laptops with built-in webcams, snapping images of them in their own bedrooms. A rental company was also caught spying on customers who leased similarly equipped laptops, he added. Investigative journalist Amber Lyon uncovered a blackmail conspiracy in which men were clandestinely recorded from their laptop webcams and pressured to drop lawsuits, Dice continued. He warned about smart phone cameras and microphones, which still work even when powered off. The only way to stop them from transmitting is to remove the battery, he revealed. Dice predicted that facial recognition will soon become a regular part of society, pointing out that an anonymous hacker discovered the CIA had hundreds of cameras from major cities feeding into such a system.

"Everywhere you go you're going to be watched," he cautioned. Perhaps even more troubling, Dice suggested that the CIA could generate video of people doing things that never actually happened. He also disclosed that the spy agency was caught spending a billion dollars a year secretly buying off editors of all the major broadcast and print outlets in order to control the media. And while ordinary citizens are being conditioned by the mainstream media and manipulated by television programming, the satanic goals of the Illuminati are pushing forward. They are moving us toward a New World Order in which individual nations are merged into a single global government with a digital currency equivalent to the 'Mark of the Beast, Dice advised.

In the second half hour, Dan Johnson, founder of PANDA (People Against the National Defense Act), appeared briefly to comment on the controversial NDAA and its threat to liberty.

News segment guest: Brian Engelman

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