Watergate & JFK Assassination

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Watergate & JFK Assassination

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Saint John Hunt's father was the infamous Watergate conspirator and CIA spymaster, E. Howard Hunt. Saint John (book link) joined George Knapp to discuss his father's involvement in the Watergate break-in, as well as his near-death confession in which he revealed that figures in the CIA were responsible for the plot to assassinate JFK in Dallas. There were a number of facets to E. Howard Hunt's career which started when he joining the OSS (a forerunner to the CIA) in the 1940s. Rising in the ranks of the CIA, he was head of psychological warfare to overthrow the anti-American regime in Guatemala, and a liaison in Cuba during the Bay of Pigs between the CIA and the guerrillas they were training, Saint John recalled.

Along with G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt organized the first Watergate burglary, as well as other undercover operations for the Nixon administration (including planting pro-McGovern material in Arthur Bremer's apartment, after Bremer attempted to assassinate George Wallace). The night of the arrests at the Watergate, E. Howard was at a lookout post monitoring activities via bugging devices. Later, he asked Saint John to help him clean and remove fingerprints from a suitcase full of devices from that night. E. Howard's wife, Dorothy Hunt, was also a CIA spy. According to Saint John, she was carrying a briefcase with evidence including canceled checks that directly linked the hush money and slush funds that Nixon kept for "dirty trick" operations, when the plane she was on crashed under suspicious circumstances in 1972.

In E. Howard's confession to Saint John, he divulged that he'd participated in two meetings held at a 'safehouse' in Miami, where a political assassination code named "the Big Event," was discussed and plotted. The target, it was revealed, was JFK, and the authorization went all the way up to Vice President Johnson (LBJ). E. Howard said he declined to be involved further and referred to his role in the JFK assassination as that of a "benchwarmer." Further, he indicated that Bill Harvey, a CIA station chief, had connections with the French underground, and provided one of the gunmen on the Grassy Knoll, Lucien Sarti, an assassin with the Corsican mafia.

MUFON Symposium

First hour guest, ufologist from OpenMinds.tv, Alejandro Rojas, reported on the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas which took place over the weekend. The conference was noteworthy because it approached the UFO question from a number of different vantages, including physics, history, sociology, and psychology, and included seven different presenters with PhDs. One of the MUFON presentations was on the Stephenville, TX 2008 sightings, in which radar data confirmed the appearance of an unknown object, he detailed.

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