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Ghost to Ghost 2013

Date Thursday - October 31, 2013
Host George Noory
Guests Open Lines

George Noory hosted the traditional "Ghost to Ghost AM" Halloween show, where callers and guests shared tales of ghostly encounters and contact with the afterworld. Robert in Nashville recalled the story of a chilling Ouija Board experience that his friend's younger brother and sister had. After numerous 'conversations' with an entity, who claimed to be a deceased World War I soldier, it offered to show itself to the kids. The young girl "felt her soul leave her body" and was then drawn to the front of the house, where a face was peering into living room window. The visage, Robert said, was ashy gray and sported two glowing red eyes with "steam or smoke" coming from the pores of its skin. Terrified, she ran back to her body and they never played with the Ouija Board again. Years later, he said, they found the board again and were stunned to discover deep scratch marks on the back of it.

Other stories shared over the course of the night included Bruce in Tuscon, who believes he encountered the infamous La Llorona spirit. While sitting along the bank of the Santa Cruz River, Bruce and his cousin first saw a mist emerge and then suddenly they saw a woman riding bareback on a horse while emitting a plaintive wail before disappearing back into the ether. Sally in Florida detailed an eerie experience she had at the 9/11 memorial in NYC. About to take a picture for her Facebook profile, she shifted the viewfinder away from a long European name, Klaus Johannes Sprockamp, in favor of a shorter American name. Minutes after posting the picture on her page, a friend sent her a message and asked that Sally to also take a picture of her former boss's name, as he had died in the tragedy. That man's name was Klaus Johannes Sprockamp.

Dan in Montreal imparted a heartwarming tale about his mother's passing. After a long illness, she was hospitalized and was given only a short time left to live. Dan and his brother took shifts watching over her throughout the night. On occasion, he said, she would regain consciousness and "you could see the pain and the fight in her eyes." Finally, an inspired Dan told his dying mother to "think of all the people you're going to meet," reminding her of beloved relatives that had passed away and were waiting for her in heaven. A peacefulness came over her face and her blue eyes teared up as the room became chilled and the hair on Dan's neck stood up. He turned and looked over his shoulder and "the room was filled with people. Completely filled." Also during the evening, previous guests Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Joshua Warren, Tina Sacchi, and Catherine Austin Fitts recounted their own personal ghost stories.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Jeff Nelken, & Peter Breggin

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