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Open Lines with John B.

Date Friday - December 6, 2013
Host John B. Wells
Guests Open Lines

Filling in for George, John B. Wells hosted a night of Open Lines. Angela in Alpine, New Jersey reacted to some alarming items she'd come across in the news, including a story about the Canadian government finding RFID chips embedded in small household appliances. According to Angela, the chips are capable of connecting to Wi-Fi signals within 650 feet of the appliances. "God knows what sort of information they suck in from us and send back to whomever the criminals are who put the chips in", she said. Angela also commented on a recent story about the FTC targeting a non-profit association of piano teachers for a statement in their code of ethics admonishing their members to not actively recruit students from other members. "It just shows we have no first amendment rights, we don't have the right to say simple things like that," she lamented.

Jeff from Culver City, California, argued that extrasensory perception (ESP) is a rare ability that likely only a select few individuals can acquire and utilize. If the majority of humanity had ESP, tragedies such as 9-11 could be prevented and stock market gains could be had by all, he suggested. Roger, a man who has been homeless in San Francisco for several years, spoke about the notion of living by an ethical order of priorities. Citing news about a group of homeless people who died of exposure in San Jose, Roger urged listeners to re-evaluate their own priorities so that the idea of people roaming the streets without shelter becomes unacceptable and something is done to help those in this dire situation. "The people who are out here aren't out here by choice," he revealed, adding that some of the problem is lack of affordable housing.

Daniel from Alabama claimed to have suffered with the controversial skin condition known as Morgellons disease. He said it started with colorful fibers protruding from his skin and then got much worse in the intervening three years. "I've got a different type that trumps the original [form of the disease]... this is really bad and I really don't I'm going to be around much longer," he admitted. Daniel believes he originally caught the disease when an aircraft dropped some kind of strange man-made substrate on him. Throughout the evening John shared several news items that caught his attention, including a report about six suspects detained in Mexico for the theft of radioactive material, a piece about the United Nations trumping the U.S. Constitution, and an article on the relationship between biological agents and fertility in the West.

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