Oil Issues / Hollywood Medium

Oil Issues / Hollywood Medium


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJames R. Norman, June DeYoung

In the first half, longtime business and energy journalist, James R. Norman, discussed how the US and its allies use the price of oil as an economic weapon. We're really involved in a global economic war-- particularly the US against China, he stated. The US uses oil pricing and availability as a way to slow down China's economy, as they are dependent on importing oil. "In the same way we broke the Soviet Union in the 80s with low oil prices, now we're turning that around completely to raise prices against the Chinese," with oil and other commodities such as iron ore and bauxite (a source for aluminum), he said.

Norman views the concept of "peak oil" (that reserves are becoming scarce) as mostly propaganda. "The problem the oil industry has is not getting oil out of the ground, it's how to keep enough of it in the ground, so you don't trash the price structure," he remarked. In looking at who benefits from various military conflicts, he cited how ISIS is going after just two countries-- Iraq and Syria, where coincidentally America would like to see regime change. The US seeks to keep Iraq crippled with their oil remaining in the ground, so the Chinese can't get it, he further suggested.


In the latter half, June De Young, who's been providing psychic services to Hollywood and corporate leaders for over 30 years, shared various predictions related to earth changes, weather, and calamities. She also recalled her long term professional relationship with Robin Williams-- in fact, she said it was Williams who first told her about Coast to Coast, and suggested she be a guest on our show. Suicides are often related to medications that people are taking which deplete the body of nutrients, she contended.

She foresees more Hurricane Sandy-type events on the East Coast, particularly Florida, as well as earthquakes-- "a ripping of the Earth" going up from Florida to the Carolinas and Virginia. The Northridge area in Southern California is going to be hit by a quake again, De Young predicted, and additionally the "big one" will hit California with an 8.7 magnitude early in 2015. She advised that afterward it might be a good time to buy property there when people are in panic mode. She also sees the return of the "polar vortex" in the Northeast, and a US missile that goes backward and falls into the ground with radioactive debris, possibly in the Northwest. This missile mishap, she added, will falsely be blamed on an Asian country.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Howard Bloom



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