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Predictions & Nostradamus/ Doctors' Miracle Stories

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In the first half, prophecy scholar John Hogue discussed his presidential predictions, which he has a 12-0 record calling correctly. In spite of Hillary Clinton's recent health problems, as well as the "shadows" of scandals that seem to follow her, he continues to foresee that she will be the next American president. However, he feels she may not complete her first term and the time period of May 2018 will be a particularly difficult one for her. He expressed concern that she may have issues with cardiovascular problems or even a stroke. The election vote count may be disputed as in the 2000 election, he added.

Trump, who has excellent astrological aspects for the 8th of November, could still pull off a victory in a long shot, Hogue conceded, but noted that he will need to win all five battleground states. Interestingly, if Trump does win, he'll be impeached during his first term for not playing along with the 1% cartel or corporations, he opined. Hogue also warned of Nostradamus' quatrains that could refer to a new Cold War between "two Northern brothers" (Russia & America), as well as shared his own premonitions that he had years before 9/11, that the Twin Towers were doomed "tombstones."


Harley Rotbart, MD, has been a renowned pediatric specialist, parenting expert, speaker, and educator for over three decades. In the latter half, he discussed miraculous cures, recoveries, and "awakenings,"-- medical events witnessed by leading physicians for which there was often no reasonable medical explanation. Rotbart's first medical miracle was a young patient that suddenly awakened out of coma just as the parents were being asked about organ donation and consideration for brain death. Not all of the cases he compiled had happy endings, yet some offered a kind of emotional wonder, such as a little boy who was battling leukemia. The boy had been immobile for weeks, when he suddenly sat up. He opened his eyes for the first time in days, looked up at the ceiling, and broke into a broad smile, and then laid down and died. It was as though he'd seen a glimpse of heaven, his oncologist shared with Rotbart.

In a case of an operation to remove a 60-year old woman's tumor, the procedure ended up tearing apart a vein, causing a massive outflow of blood. Veteran surgeons were not successful in staunching the bleeding, and then an inexperienced surgical resident offered to try, and plunged a needle forceps in and pulled a stitch through, stopping the bleeding. "It was not my hand that tied that stitch," said the resident, Rotbart recounted.

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