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Alien Encounters

Date Friday - April 8, 2016
Host Jimmy Church
Guests Adam Ambrose

Filling in for George, guest host Jimmy Church (email) welcomed Adam Ambrose, who revealed details about his alien encounters and abduction experiences. One of Ambrose's earliest recollections occurred when he was a toddler and beings took him aboard their craft. He described seeing a small room, like a pup tent, inside a larger room with a black grated floor with dim light shining through it. Ambrose remembered his brother there with him and possibly another toddler. We were instructed to play with toys while a tall grey in a light-colored garment observed us, he recalled. Ambrose disclosed he felt a familial bond with his abductor and suggested the alien must have somehow manipulated his emotions.

According to Ambrose, suppressed memories of alien encounters were first triggered while reading Intruders by abduction researcher Budd Hopkins. "By the time I was done with that book I knew that I was an abductee... I was having very clear, very vivid memories," he said. Ambrose contacted Hopkins shortly afterward and began to explore these experiences with him under hypnosis. The sessions revealed I had been a victim of co-opted abduction, where the abductee is made to assist the visitors against his own will, Ambrose explained. One rather shocking incident also came to light during his sessions.

Ambrose described being taken from his bedroom into a craft above his house while he was in a dream state. He and his abductors, who appeared as balls of light, teleported into a neighbors house in a beam of light, Ambrose explained. They entered a woman's bedroom and communicated with her telepathically about taking her baby away for an examination, Ambrose reported. "They made an extraordinary effort to calm her down," he said. The greys put the mother into a state of suspended animation, placed the baby in a container, and teleported it through a beam of blue light onto their ship, he said. They baby was eventually returned, he noted.

The last hour of the show featured Open Lines.

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Adam's Alien Encounter Images
Adam's Alien Encounter Images
Adam Ambrose sent us several images depicting his alien encounters for his appearance on the 4/8/16 show. View them here.

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