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In the first half, physicist and UFO investigator Stanton Friedman discussed the latest in his UFO research involving science, as well as MUFON, truths about the Roswell incident, government UFO cover-ups, his own personal theories and more. Nuclear fusion, which is the energy of the sun, seems to be a likely energy source for extraterrestrial craft to travel to Earth, he suggested. Friedman continues to be an advocate for the extraterrestrial hypothesis-- that alien beings are using real vehicles with advanced technology to get here from someplace else. The number of exoplanets that might contain life is far exceeding what scientists originally thought, he added.

He recalled his pioneering research into the 1947 Roswell crash, as we approach the 70th anniversary of the incident. In 1978, he interviewed Major Jesse Marcel, who said he accompanied some of the crash debris after it was taken from Mac Brazel's ranch. At the time, the Roswell base was the home of an elite military group, and Marcel was their intelligence officer. Friedman conjectured that some of the crash debris could still be at the Wright Patterson base, today. Another of the many witnesses he interviewed was Glenn Dennis, an undertaker, who said the military called him to ask him about the availability of child-sized caskets shortly after the crash.


In the latter half, investigative reporter Paola Harris talked about her research in ufology and detailed some of her conversations with the late great Colonel Philip Corso, known for the claims in his book, The Day After Roswell, that he stewarded ET devices and artifacts in the 1940s, which were back-engineered in order to develop various modern technologies in use today. Harris met with him in Rome in 1998, and found him to be highly credible, and that his military background was exactly as he described it. "Col. Corso told me," said Harris, "that he had seen the autopsies of the bodies, he had seen the craft at Wright Patterson, and he insisted that the extraterrestrial biological entity which he called a clone...was part of the craft and helped fly the craft."

From the alien autopsy, he observed that the being had four brain lobes, two brain implants, one lung, a heart, a different lymphatic system, and a four-fingered hand. Corso also revealed to her that he had a contact experience in 1957, when he was head of a missile base in White Sands. He saw a craft on the desert floor in the process of appearing and disappearing, and a being walked out wearing a helmet with a silver band with a stone in the middle. This November, Harris is producing the Laughlin UFO Conference: Time for Truth, featuring an array of special events and speakers, including our own George Noory.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Howard Bloom

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