Paul Dean

Paul Dean


Paul Dean is an Australian researcher who focuses on government and military involvement and response to the so-called UFO phenomena. Working alone for 20 years, Paul became an expert in regards to so-called "UFO files,” Six years ago he began tackling the problem directly, and became instrumental in seeing that the Australian government release hitherto classified files from the Royal Australian Air Force, Air Services Australia, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, and the National Archives of Australia. He works extensively with Australian based researcher Keith Basterfield on UFO case analysis and the preservation of UFO-related records.

Paul and his team use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain records, and is hot on the trail of 100s of never-before-seen classified military files. Recent discoveries include UFO sighting reports created during the Vietnam War, and administrative records related to a pair of highly classified "UFO tracking" programs which were ran by the US Army and US Air Force during America's involvement in Vietnam. Other fresh finds include Federal Bureau of Investigation records related to the interrogation of UFO researchers in the 1970's, and a current Federal Aviation Administration system for logging military intercepts of unknown objects in America's airspace. Paul has also begun requesting UFO records from the USAF's Air Force Space Command, which will include files from the 21st Space Wing and the vital Joint Functional Component Centre for Space at Vandenburg Air Force Base. Working on a daily basis with Boston-based archivist and historian Barry Greenwood, Paul believes there are likely hundreds of thousands of UFO records still held by elements of the US government, and works tirelessly to source their location and availability status. All-in-all, Paul has acquired a total of 240,000 pages of UFO-related government and military records from around the world, and tens of millions of pages of non-government UFO records, including books, newsletters, monographs, newspaper articles, case studies, letters, and magazine articles.


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