Bigfoot & Disappearances / Civil War Ghosts

Bigfoot & Disappearances / Civil War Ghosts


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDavid Paulides, Rich Newman

Investigator David Paulides discussed newspaper articles dating back to 1680 describing bipeds looking like Bigfoot and giant skeletons located in mounds and graves, as well as drew associations between land-based disappearances and those of various aircraft that have never been found. One report printed in an Ohio newspaper from November 1893 described a giant 7-ft. skeleton that fell out of a gravel embankment in Marion County; another report from 1897 in the Abilene Weekly, detailed the opening of a mound in Wisconsin in which a 9-ft. skeleton was found along with copper relics of a "prehistoric race." Many of the articles seemed to insinuate that the bones belonged to Native Americans, he noted, and when it comes to "wild men" and Sasquatch, it's likely we're dealing with an intelligent species-- otherwise, they would have been captured.

Plotting an area he called the 'Nevada Triangle' (from Reno to Las Vegas to Fresno), he found the largest cluster of missing people of the mysterious type he's investigated. A military plane crashed into Mount Rainier, but none of the over 30 bodies were ever recovered-- interestingly, this was weeks before pilot Kenneth Arnold's famous UFO sighting, in which he saw a series of discs in the sky in roughly the same area, Paulides pointed out. Another pilot, Norman Gibbs, disappeared flying around a mountain in Scotland in 1975. No crash site was ever located, but four months later Gibbs' deceased body was found in a field near where the plane took off. Curiously, he had only a small scratch but was otherwise intact. The person that discovered the body said he'd previously searched the same area and found nothing.


Rich Newman has been investigating the paranormal for over ten years and is the founder of the group Paranormal Inc. In the latter half, he spoke about his research into ghosts and haunted sites, particularly locations in Gettysburg associated with the Civil War. One such spot, the Sachs Covered Bridge, was said to be where three Confederate soldiers were hung after they tried to abandon their posts. "So many people have gone to Sachs Bridge and felt the temperature in the air change...and thought they ran into what felt like legs hanging from the rafters hitting them," he said, adding that full-bodied apparitions were also seen in the rafters, along with the sounds of disembodied voices and gunfire.

He detailed sightings of a mysterious green-eyed creature at the Battle of Chickamauga in Georgia, where a demonic beast or spirit, seemed to be drawn to the site of the dead (34,000 soldiers perished there) like a revenant. Newman has been working with Fuji TV on recent projects, and said that many Japanese practice the religion of Shinto, which includes erecting shrines to speak with the dead. He also touched on a case in Mississippi in which a family thought their trailer home was infested with a demon, and how paranormal reality shows have changed over the years.

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