Trends for 2020 / UFO & Alien Encounters

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Trends for 2020 / UFO & Alien Encounters

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In the first half, founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, joined George Noory to talk about what he sees on the horizon for the US, and the emerging trends for 2020. Regarding the current situation with Iran (after the Trump-ordered killing of Gen. Suleimani), Celente recalled his 2017 prediction about how that country could be a trigger point for a new world war. "If war breaks out in the Middle East," he said, and "oil prices spike to near $100 a barrel, it's going to crash the global economies and the equity markets." He predicts that Trump will be the victor in the 2020 election "by default," as the Democrats don't have a candidate that can win in the swing states. Yet, he admitted that "wildcard" factors might negatively impact Trump (such as his recent action with Iran) and could change that outcome.

One of his trends for 2020 he calls "New World Disorder," as uprisings and revolutions continue to sweep the world. Such locations as Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, France, Hong Kong, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Algeria, and India have all had unrest, he cited. Another trend Celente named, "Hi-Tech Heroin," points to the growing problem of addiction to devices like smartphones, and health issues related to the upcoming 5G wireless deployment. He also foresees the rise of "Elegance 2020," with people wanting to rise above the chaos and depression around them, by dressing up and experiencing high style.


In the latter half, photojournalist and author Tim Swartz shared his latest work compiling material from 25 of the world's leading ufologists, in a search for the true nature of UFOs and alien encounters. While his new book uses the term "alien," he noted that these odd visitors may not actually hail from other planets, but could be other-dimensional, or ultra-terrestrials. In terms of disclosure, perhaps there is too much emphasis on the military and government as the source of information on UFOs, he commented, and we may learn the most from individual witness testimonies. Detailing some lesser-known accounts, he spoke about a curious case in Kera, Japan from the early 1970s, in which schoolboys watched a miniature UFO on repeat occasions, and were eventually able to capture it.

A forester in Scotland named Robert Taylor had a sighting of a globe-shaped craft in the trees in 1979. Two globes with spikes fell out of the first object, and were rolling across the ground toward him, Swartz recounted. The spheres overtook him, and he was pinned down by the spikes. A memory blackout followed this, and when Taylor awakened from the encounter, the battery of his truck was dead. Swartz also talked about a 1962 case from Brazil, in which a man and his young son witnessed a pair of spheres that descended from the sky with a strange yellow smoke that enveloped the father. When the smoke dissipated, "the little boy saw the spheres fly away, but his father was gone, never to return."

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