Detecting Deception / Paranormal Phenomena

Detecting Deception / Paranormal Phenomena


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsPeter Hyatt, Trish MacGregor, Rob MacGregor

Peter Hyatt is recognized as an expert in detecting deception, specifically by analyzing the words people use. In the first half of the show, he elaborated on the different types of deception, why they’re employed, and how to spot them. Citing serial murderers like Ted Bundy, Hyatt warned that while lifelong liars make up only about ten percent of deceptive people, their boldness and callousness make them potentially very dangerous. Much more common than high-profile cases of outright fabrication, he said, is for deception to take the form of withholding information.

For deceptive people, the effects of hiding the truth through verbal communications with victims and police may be small or large, and their motives may be as simple as wanting a prestigious job—or as sinister as covering up a murder. And while “amateur” deceivers tend to use clumsy tactics like avoiding the use of certain uncomfortable words or phrases, master manipulators hide information in more subtle and sophisticated ways. Hyatt’s work with law enforcement officials has allowed him to study the words and behavior of both types of criminal deceivers over the years, leading him to identify the guilty parties in many cases.


In the second half, authors Trish and Rob MacGregor shared their research into paranormal phenomena. The couple has made a career out of their fascination with the unexplained, supporting each other in their explorations and inquiries, writing a number of books together. Their research has often focused on the experiences of their own friends and family, they said, and has involved uncanny predictions, encounters with deceased family members, and intriguing synchronicities.

The MacGregors’ work has also led them to cross paths with various luminaries in the paranormal field, such as abductee Betty Hill, out-of-body experiencer Wesley Meeks, and artist and ufologist Budd Hopkins. Even the fictional character Indiana Jones has played a major role in their lives, with Rob writing several novelizations of the well-known movies. But just as compelling for the couple are the small, everyday encounters with the mystical and otherworldly apparent to those who are open to them.

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