Extinction Events / Ghostly Phenomena

Extinction Events / Ghostly Phenomena


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsSteve Quayle, John Russell

In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed extinction protocols - things currently in play that he believes can destroy humanity: megadroughts, genetic manipulation, pandemics, famine, and nuclear war. He spoke about the symbolism of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation, and how we could be nearing end times, as prophesied. Quayle interpreted the horses as follows-- the white horse he sees as the Antichrist; the red horse (representing war) may relate to Russia's hypersonic missiles (able to hit locations in the US in a matter of minutes); the black horse (symbolizing famine) could connect with the situation of 30% of the world's wheat now unavailable because of the war in Ukraine; and the pale horse (signifying death), he associated with genetically altered alien hybrids.

The drought problem is worsening by the day in US (see related video), said Quayle, and further, "in my opinion, World War III has already begun," and "we are watching, if you will, the precursors to a nuclear exchange between Russia, and NATO, and the United States." Germany is a pivot point, and may have riots over steep jumps in food costs, he continued. Since the sanctions against Russia went into effect, "the US petrodollar has been assassinated," he declared, and soon we could see 145 nations repudiating the US dollar as the global reserve currency. Quayle also reported that his expedition team in Mexico has found "Aztec alien artifacts" that glow in ultraviolet light, which he indicated could be signs they were part of an evil Reptilian race.


For over 45 years, John Russell has worked as a professional psychic with a worldwide clientele, and as a paranormal investigator who has witnessed over 800 supernatural manifestations. In the latter half, he addressed such topics as cloudbusting, haunted houses and objects, and ghostly phenomena. Cloudbusting, he explained, is an older psychic/mental technique used for evaporating clouds. One envisions a kind of laser beam coming from your mind to disperse small clouds, and it was originally taught to demonstrate that we have spiritual power that can be used to affect the physical realm. Mastering such an exercise suggests that "maybe we can break up diseases, maybe we can send healing energy at a distance to people," he noted.

Russell considers all houses to be haunted, but not necessarily in a negative way. "We have to realize there all these entities around us all the time in this invisible realm," including nature spirits, and guardian angels, he revealed. Recounting a curious tale of a 'haunted' doll he purchased on eBay, he was able to confirm that the object contained a spirit that would enable it to make small movements on its own. "We treated it with respect," and one night, Russell said the doll appeared to him in a lucid dream and thanked him for his kindness before burning itself up in flames. The next day, he sensed there was no longer a spirit inside the doll, and he received an email from the eBay seller, who inquired if he was OK, as she'd had the same dream of the doll going up in flames. During the last hour, he offered intuitive readings for callers.

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