Marilyn Monroe's Death / Spirit Varieties

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Marilyn Monroe's Death / Spirit Varieties

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There is still controversy surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. Behind the Icon podcast producers Nina Boski and Randall Libero joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to delve into the stories and speculations surrounding the icon's death — what is fact, theory, or outlandish rumor — to find the truth surrounding Monroe's demise on the 60th anniversary of her passing.

Boski described Monroe as a resilient, multi-faceted woman with sharp business acumen and who would stand up to studio heads and others who mistreated her. She walked away from film roles and moved to New York to become a serious actress, Boski reported. "Underneath all of the pain... it's that beautiful heart that comes through," she noted. Monroe was private about her personal life in order to protect herself and her loved ones, and worked at perfecting her Marilyn persona because she cared about her audience, Libero added.

According to Boski, the final day of Monroe's life was "a very ordinary day" spent gardening by the pool. Both guests commented on Monroe's bipolar disorder and addiction to medication. Three months before she passed away Monroe was prescribed 916 pills, 700 of which were sleeping pills, Boski revealed. The two dismissed conspiracy theories about Monroe being murdered as the evidence does not support it. Monroe's toxicology exam shows she died of a lethal combination of Nembutal and chloral hydrate, Boski reported.


During the latter half of the program, psychic medium Michelle Welch discussed the variety of energetic beings around us and how to connect with them. "I realized I had these gifts but like a lot of people we stuff them down," she admitted, noting she spent her early life working in law before deciding to focus on her intuitive and psychic abilities. "It was not so much that I was so great at picking juries, it's that I was having help from my intuition and my psychic knowingness, and I was using that to help me... tune into the jurors," she explained.

Welch admitted she physically sees energetic beings and routinely interacts with them. She shared a story about a reading she gave to a woman who had lost her brother to suicide the day before, and watched as his spirit entered the room with his sister. "He gave me a glimpse and that gave her validation," she said.

Welch described angelic beings as large and powerful beings who look scary, have no hair, few humanlike features, and no wings. They feel menacing but not malevolent, she disclosed. "Any spirit, any being can have what I call a flip side" to be evil or good, Welch reported. Energetic beings reside in parallel universes and multi-universes, and are with us more than we think, she added. "It's frequency that gets us to connect with them," she revealed, noting fear can pull us out of frequency and disconnect us from these beings.

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