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EVP Recordings & Techniques

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Date Host Art Bell

Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath from the Ghost Investigators Society joined Art to discuss their technique of capturing EVP (electronic voice phenomena). A variety of their EVP recordings are played on the show. EVP is not a new phenomenon-- Thomas Edison was said to be working on a related invention near the time of his death. The guests pointed out that anyone can try the technique, just by popping a blank tape into a recorder at a possibly haunted location.

Sometimes the voices they record sound disturbed– the "happy" people have already moved on, McBeath mused. She doesn't think too many ghosts are happy. Cook mentioned that some people think they're recording voices of demons and Satan. Art ponders, "What if they are right?" Strangely, all four of Art's cats went berserk after they played a specific EVP.

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