Exploring Near-Death Phenomena

Exploring Near-Death Phenomena


HostArt Bell

In the second and third hours, oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long spoke about his research into the phenomenon of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). Long described the amazing transformations in the lives of people who have experienced this, and his finding that about 15% of cases tend to be frightening. A man known only as “Cougar” joined the show to relate his own NDEs and one that he described as a "trip to hell," with a feeling of "great loneliness." He also remembered it as a place of “dark power,” and that the denizens of this realm asked him to return to the Earth to do their work here.

Dr. Long's organization-- the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (website)-- has more original contributions of NDEs posted than any other website in the world. In addition to NDEs, Dr. Long actively investigates related phenomena, including after-death communication, out-of-body experiences, and soul mate relationships. His first experience with NDEs was through a medical article. He was struck by the fact that there wasn't much research done on this topic. So, he took it upon himself to investigate.

In the first hour, Mars anomalies researcher Richard C. Hoagland and "UFO Lawyer" Peter Gersten discussed the latest on images from the Cydonia region of Mars. The guests reported on their efforts to get NASA to release more and clearer photos of the suspected artificial anomalies. The last two hours contained news and Open Lines.