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Secrets of the Pyramids

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Date Host Art Bell

Boris Said shared his story of filming a documentary named "Secret Chamber" about the Egyptian pyramids, and a long forgotten passageway found by some boys who fell through an ancient well. He believes there may be a library of ancient books in the chamber. He also discussed a large sarcophagus cover, which through radar tests, is believed to be covering a 2.5 meter wide tunnel going to the Sphinx.

Said presents his theory that the pyramids are built to resonate at a sub-audible tone of F, the same resonance as the Earth. He believes this is a key to their power. There is much discussion of Zahi Hawass and his control over the Egyptian antiquities, and the fabled "Hall of Records" under the paw of the Sphinx. In hour 3, a caller describes his theory that the pyramids are a star map.

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