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Origins of the Alien Autopsy Film

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Date Host Art Bell

During an evening of Open Lines, Art is joined in the fourth hour by film producer Ray Santilli, who claims to have come into possession of footage from a secret medical examination of a dead extraterrestrial that had been recovered by the United States government from the Roswell crash. What would later be known as the 'Alien Autopsy Film,' the material (which has since been revealed to be a hoax) was the talk of the UFO world at the time as FOX was set to air a nationally televised network special which would reveal the film to the world. Previewing the premiere of the program, which would air a few weeks after this edition of C2C, Santilli tells Art about how he acquired the footage, details what can be seen in the film, and talks about the forthcoming showcase of the then-mysterious movie.

FOX's Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction would go on to garner millions of viewers when it first aired on August 28th, 1995 and, shockingly, repeat showings of the TV special saw the audience actually grow each time due to the tremendous buzz surrounding the program. In a testament to the incredible interest surrounding the footage as well as the far-less-fractured state of the television landscape at the time, a November rebroadcast of the program boasted a jaw-dropping 11.7 million viewers. It would subsequently be repackaged for airing on television in dozens of countries around the world and, thanks to the magic of the internet, the original 1995 broadcast can be found on YouTube today.


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