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Alien Autopsy Film Analysis

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Date Host Art Bell

Just days after the nationally televised FOX network special Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction, Art was joined by photographic analyst Bob Shell, who shared his thoughts on the now-infamous footage which had sparked a media firestorm and captured the imagination of the general public in a manner similar to the way in which viral sensations take hold of the zeitgeist in modern times. Although revealed to be a hoax in later years, the veracity of the footage following the airing of the special was the subject of considerable debate among UFO researchers as well as the millions of television viewers who tuned in to see what many thought was a glimpse of a genuine ET.

During his appearance on the program, Shell details a number of curious elements seen in the film which suggested that it may have been real footage as well as other aspects of the material indicating that it could be a hoax. He also talks about rumors circulating in UFO circles about scenes that were not shown during the special, including some which showed wounds seen on the purported aliens and strange boxes that were said to have been found with the bodies. Throughout his appearance, Art takes calls from listeners with their thoughts on the much-discussed TV special and, during the fourth hour, he opened up a phone line for residents of the Virgin Islands who were preparing for the arrival of the Hurricane Luis, which was a Category 4 storm that was set to sweep over the area.


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