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Remote Viewing & Project Stargate

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Date Host Art Bell

Dale Graff, the former Director of Project Stargate discussed remote viewing, which was used to gather intelligence. For 17 years, he was the leading expert in the US Defense Dept. on issues like ESP and remote viewing. He explained why a target is needed when remote viewing, and how during the process you may bump into "archetypes." Some may think these are interdimensional beings, but Graff theorized it might be just part of the remote viewer's subconscious at work. He considers remote viewing to be a subcategory of psychic phenomena.

Some people in the government thought those in Stargate were "out of their minds," but others saw the project as very innovative. Art suspected that the government is still using remote viewing, but Graff doubted that something like Stargate is still being done at an official level. He also reacted to a remote viewing experiment done on Coast to Coast, suggesting it may have been more related to clairvoyance or ESP.

During the first hour, Art featured Open Lines and addressed news of the day, including possible statehood for Puerto Rico, and flesh eating bacteria.


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