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Voting Scams & Irregularities

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Date Host Art Bell

Journalist James Collier spoke about his book "Votescam: The Stealing of America," which had just been released. He contends that in most of the country a person's vote is not really counted. The problem started in 1970, he said, claiming that NBC and CBS completely rigged the election by calling 100% of the vote from the report of just one voting machine. Collier goes on to admit that he stole some documents that reveal how the voting machine would work and how the workers kept a tally of the vote. He said he took the documents to police experts who said they were a forgery, and the FBI agreed.

At the top of the second hour, Art asks for anyone who works for the voting commission or has been a precinct worker to call in. A caller from Las Vegas discusses how he videotaped similar things that Collier recorded, including corruption at the voting commission. Art suggests that most citizens are "good Americans" and he does not believe groups like the "League of Women's Voters" could be corrupt. Collier disagrees and tells a story about witnessing that group talking about "the good old days" when they could punch out the buttons. Collier also asserts that primaries are rigged.

The last 2 hours are devoted to news and Open Lines.


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