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Alternative History & Conspiracies

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Flat Earth Fan Hopes to Fly in Homemade Rocket

Nov 22, 2017

A Flat Earth enthusiast who built his own rocket plans to put his vessel to the test this weekend with a daring launch over a California ghost town.

Stagehand Spotted in Apollo Photo?

Nov 17, 2017

A conspiracy researcher studying photos from the Apollo missions believes that a reflection in an astronaut's visor captures evidence that the moon landings were hoaxed.

Secret Planet X Probe to be Launched by SpaceX?

Nov 14, 2017

Conspiracy theorists concerned about what they believe to be the impending arrival of the rogue planet Niburu say SpaceX will soon launch a secret probe to study the infamous world.

'Hunting Hitler' Archival Materials

Nov 9, 2017

Jerome Corsi provides photos and documents to back up his theory that Hitler escaped to Argentina after WWII.

The JFK Files Release in Context

Oct 27, 2017

With the dust having settled after Thursday's chaotic release of some JFK assassination files by the National Archives, a clearer picture has emerged as far as what was actually made public last night.

JFK Document Dump is a Debacle

Oct 26, 2017

The long-awaited release of an enormous cache of JFK assassination files by the National Archives has seemingly run into quite the snag.

Trump to Allow the Release of Classified JFK Files

Oct 21, 2017

President Trump has announced his intention to approve the release of a cache of JFK assassination files expected to be made public next week.

New Theory Offered for Location of Legendary Amber Room

Oct 18, 2017

A trio of treasure hunters in Germany believe that they have determined the location of the legendary and long-lost Amber Room.

Experts Say Plan to Release JFK Files Could Cause 'Pandemonium'

Oct 16, 2017

While conspiracy theorists and historians eagerly await the expected release of JFK assassination files later this month, some experts are warning that the document dump may turn into a debacle.

Knapp's News 10/15/17

Oct 15, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of items, including his recent KLAS I-Team report.

Santa's Grave Found in Turkey?

Oct 5, 2017

Researchers in Turkey believe they may have discovered the untouched tomb of St. Nicholas, the historic figure who inspired the legend of Santa Claus.

New Project Aims to Solve Anne Frank Mystery

Oct 1, 2017

A team of experts headed by a former FBI agent hope that their collective skills can help determine who betrayed Anne Frank and her family during World War II.

Rapper B.o.B. Seeks Funding to Test the Flat Earth Theory

Sep 26, 2017

One of the most prominent proponents for the controversial Flat Earth conspiracy theory has launched a crowdfunding campaign aimed at settling the debate.

Apocalypse Later? Author Says October is True Start of 'End Times'

Sep 22, 2017

With rumors swirling that September 23rd will see the world come to an end, one of the people often cited for the claim is trying to clear up confusion surrounding the prediction.

Earhart Group Wants Saipan Statue

Sep 20, 2017

A group of Amelia Earhart enthusiasts have submitted a bold proposal to the government of Saipan calling on them to 'come clean' about the fate of the famed aviatrix.

Flat Earth Sign Spotted in NZ

Sep 18, 2017

A husband and wife walking near a beach in New Zealand were forced to ponder the shape of our planet thanks to a clever sign from a Flat Earth enthusiast.

Mysterious Murder Stirs MH370 Conspiracy Concerns

Sep 2, 2017

The strange death of a Malaysian diplomat in Madagascar has caused some researchers to wonder if he had been eliminated due to his connection to the disappearance of Flight MH370.

Civil War Submarine Mystery Solved

Aug 24, 2017

A longstanding mystery surrounding a Confederate submarine which sank during the Civil War appears to have been solved.

Eclipse Flummoxes Flat Earth Fans

Aug 21, 2017

Today's long-awaited total solar eclipse crossing over the United States is being met with consternation from Flat Earth enthusiasts who aren't quite sure how such an event is possible.

The 'Elvis Death Hoax' Hits 40

Aug 16, 2017

Today marks the 40th anniversary of legendary music icon Elvis Presley's passing and, ironically, the birth of a truly odd conspiracy theory suggesting that the King had faked his death.

Scottish Official Demands Action as 'Flat Earth' Graffiti Spreads

Aug 3, 2017

With more sites in Scotland being tagged with graffiti promoting the Flat Earth theory, one government official is calling for a crackdown on the vandalizing conspiracy theorists.

RIP Jim Marrs

Aug 2, 2017

Acclaimed investigative journalist and beloved member of the conspiracy theory and UFO research community, Jim Marrs, has passed away.

Is There a Chipotle Conspiracy?

Jul 27, 2017

An intriguing conspiracy theory centered around the restaurant chain Chipotle has been gaining attention following a norovirus outbreak which left over 100 of their patrons sick last week.

Massive Cache of JFK Assassination Files Released

Jul 25, 2017

Presidential historians and conspiracy theorists received quite the summer reading list yesterday when the National Archives released thousands of documents concerning the JFK assassination.

Legendary Lincoln Mystery Solved?

Jul 20, 2017

A historical mystery surrounding a letter allegedly penned by Abraham Lincoln in 1864 may have finally been solved.

Flat Earth 'Billboard' Campaign Crosses the Atlantic

Jul 20, 2017

Perhaps inspired by their compatriots in America, some Flat Earth conspiracy theorists in Scotland are attempting to engage motorists in a rather unorthodox manner.

Baseball Team to Host 'Salute to Conspiracy Theories' Night

Jul 18, 2017

A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania will be hosting a rather unique event on Wednesday evening when it pays tribute to conspiracy theories.

5 Odd Historical Coincidences

Jul 14, 2017

While we like to say that there are no coincidences, there are a handful of baffling events in the annals of history that truly make one wonder.

Breakthrough Earhart Clue Found?

Jul 5, 2017

A newly-discovered photograph found tucked away in the National Archives may be a breakthrough clue in the mystery of Amelia Earhart's fate.

Flat Earth Billboard Campaign Spreads to Oklahoma

Jun 30, 2017

An inventive campaign by Flat Earth conspiracy theorists to catch the attention of motorists via billboards has spread to Oklahoma.

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