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Alternative History & Conspiracies

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Bohemian Grove Under Fire Again

Jun 10, 2019

The notoriously secretive club of power brokers known as Bohemian Grove is the subject of renewed criticism concerning the group's all-male membership policy.

Free Audio: Steve Quayle on Transhumanism

Jun 5, 2019

In this riveting hour from 2018, Steve Quayle delves into transhumanism and demonic entities.

2019 Bilderberg Meeting Underway

May 30, 2019

Today marks the start of the infamous annual gathering of global power brokers known as the Bilderberg Meeting.

Flat Earth Fan Arrested for Alleged Graffiti Spree on Federal Land

May 28, 2019

A Flat Earth enthusiast from Arizona was arrested last week for what authorities say was a widespread campaign in which he tagged over 30 spots on federal land with a message imploring people to research the infamous conspiracy theory.

Roswell and Denver Airports Form 'Supernatural Sisterhood'

May 7, 2019

In a rather fitting alliance between two locations synonymous with the strange and unusual, the international airports in Roswell and Denver have announced the formation of a 'supernatural sisterhood.'

Flat Earth Fans Convene in New Zealand

May 1, 2019

Fans of the infamous Flat Earth Theory gathered together over the weekend for a convention in, of all places, New Zealand.

Moon Hoax Theory Poised to Become More Popular as Time Passes?

Apr 30, 2019

NASA's former chief historian recently raised a rather thought-provoking scenario in which he posited that the infamous moon hoax theory could become more popular in years to come as memories of the landmark landings fade.

Flat Earthers Envision Antarctic Expedition to 'Find the Edge'

Mar 20, 2019

A handful of prominent Flat Earth advocates are making waves by way of a proposed expedition to Antarctica in order to, they hope, 'end the debate' about the controversial conspiracy theory.

UK Conspiracy Survey Reveals Surprising Tech Concerns

Mar 14, 2019

A new survey concerning British residents' belief in conspiracy theories revealed a remarkable number of concerns surrounding technology and privacy.

Denver Airport Unveils Talking Gargoyle

Feb 28, 2019

As part of an ongoing celebration of its place in conspiracy theory lore, the Denver International Airport has created an animatronic gargoyle that talks to travelers.

New Paper Claims Conspiracy Theorists are Prone to Commit Petty Crimes

Feb 27, 2019

A newly published paper in a psychology journal offers the distressing conclusion that conspiracy theorists are prone to commit petty crimes.

Study of Flat Earth Fans Reveals Surprisingly Similar Origin Stories

Feb 20, 2019

An enlightening new study on those who believe in the Flat Earth theory uncovered a rather remarkable pattern in which nearly everyone said that they became convinced about the conspiracy theory via videos from YouTube.

Knapp's News 2/17/19

Feb 17, 2019

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

Chuck E. Cheese's Denies Bizarre 'Recycled Pizza' Conspiracy Theory

Feb 13, 2019

The popular children's restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheese's has issued a strenuous denial to a viral conspiracy theory which suggests that they recycle uneaten pizzas.

Free Video: Jim Marrs on the Illuminati

Feb 13, 2019

Enjoy a complimentary episode from George's TV show, Beyond Belief.

Politician Ponders Whether or Not the Earth is Really Round

Feb 7, 2019

A politician in Canada raised eyebrows this week after she seemingly expressed support for the Flat Earth theory.

DNA Test Debunks Rudolf Hess Doppelganger Conspiracy Theory

Jan 24, 2019

A longstanding conspiracy theory centered around the fate of notorious Nazi official Rudolf Hess has been debunked via a DNA test.

Free Audio: Jerome Corsi on the Mueller Investigation

Jan 16, 2019

Enjoy this fascinating hour from a show we broadcast last month.

Flat Earth Cruise Announced

Jan 14, 2019

A cruise dedicated to the controversial Flat Earth conspiracy theory has been announced for 2020 and the ambitious event is already drawing snickers from skeptics because of its nautical venue.

Anomaly Hunter Suspects China's Chang'e 4 Moon Mission is a Hoax

Jan 14, 2019

While China's successful landing of a craft of the far side of the moon is still being celebrated by space enthusiasts, an anomaly hunter has spotted something which makes him suspect that the historic achievement was really a hoax.

Conspiracy Theorist's Mysterious Death May Have Been Due to Drugs

Jan 7, 2019

An ongoing inquest into the death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers has indicated that drugs may have had a hand in his mysterious demise.

Fight About Conspiracy Theories Leads to Bizarre Ear-Biting Brawl

Jan 3, 2019

A New Year's Day get-together got ugly in Utah on Tuesday when an argument about conspiracy theories sparked a bizarre brawl that ultimately led to one man missing a sizeable part of his ear!

Free Audio: The Effects of Planet X

Jan 2, 2019

Enjoy an hour from a riveting show we broadcast back in 2017.

NBA Star Doubts Moon Landing

Dec 10, 2018

One of basketball's biggest stars, Stephen Curry, is making headlines after expressing skepticism that we really went to the moon.

International Survey Sheds Light on Conspiracy Beliefs

Nov 27, 2018

A fascinating new survey on conspiracy beliefs in nine different countries is said to be the largest study of its kind and has produced some truly thought-provoking results.

Knapp's News 11/25/18

Nov 25, 2018

George Knapp shared some recent items that have caught his interest.

Impact Crater Found Near Site of Dyatlov Pass Incident?

Nov 19, 2018

A researcher in Russia believes that he has discovered a critical clue to the Dyatlov Pass mystery.

Video: Flat Earth Fans Flock to Colorado for Annual Conference

Nov 16, 2018

Flat Earth enthusiasts from around the, in their eyes, questionably-shaped globe are descending upon Aurora, Colorado this weekend for a massive gathering devoted to the controversial conspiracy theory.

NBA Star Apologizes for Infamous Flat Earth Theory Endorsement

Oct 2, 2018

A basketball star who sparked a frenzy last year by endorsing the Flat Earth theory has seemingly disavowed the controversial conspiracy and apologized for helping to popularize the concept.

'Gang Stalking' Conspiracy Concerns Come to Canada

Sep 13, 2018

The unsettling 'gang stalking' conspiracy theory is making headlines in Canada by way of two stories which appear to be unrelated yet are both quite strange.